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Ok so is this some sort of a cult or something
Who writes the manifestos and everything? Who are the leaders?
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it is a cult, a bunch of rich hipsters in atl and nyc wrote the text


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it isn't very successful


define "rich" and "hipster"



No need! Just find a mirror…


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Okay, I brought you a mirror, what now?

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Okay Path B:

I dont know what the fuck to eat.

>grow up in Kentucky

>Parents just make variations of meat, cheese and potatoes
>leave the house and make it out on my own
>try to eat healthy but everything is just Empire trying to sell me some scam
>Tfw i only have a pack of chicken breasts, ketchup and white bread in my fridge

How did yall start decolonizing your diets?
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Cum doesn't count m8


I eat so much oatmeal. I always add peanut butter or walnuts (black walnuts collected, shucked the outside, dried, then broke open and picked the nut out w friends would be gnarly but it takes time), sometimes some frozen fruit or banana.

Brown rice w cinnamon sugar (I’m tryin to chill on sugar personally though)
Add something like a fruit vegetable potato or mushroom, greens as much as you can.
Beans are good I like canned chickpeas and black beans.
Try for whole grain bread
Veggie stir fry or oven baked vegetables including sweet potatoes!! Chopping vegetables is good for my mental health. I like to add the vegetables to some rice or quinoa idk and put some kind of sauce with it (just tried a recipe of tahini, maple syrup, lemon juice and water and it was good I made a big batch to save in the fridge)
Making soup sounds intimidating but is really gr8 if you make a big batch and have unlimited soup for some time.
Try eating more in tune with the seasons.
My favorite wild edibles are nettles, dandelion, red buds, chickweed, burdock, and sumac.
My diet started out w wild foods like those above and wild game but deteriorated into macaroni and cheese and hot dogs until I was like 11 lol. Still rly addicted to sugar and eat processed food but not nearly as much when I started thinking about what my local options would be if I were making food more in tune w my locality. Wishing you luck I love to hear other people getting into this!!!


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merry christmas bruh : (


hot take.

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Do we know who did the illustrations for the guide?


Artist should be cited in the inhabit.body guide, i think

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Being in your body while having covid19 kind of sucks but I learned some things while I had it to make it more bearable. The biggest thing is to not stay stagnant for too long. A nurse recommended making a conscious effort to get up and move every 90-120 minutes, even if it's just to make a few laps around your house. Get yr lungs to werk while you're able. Someone in my family had a problem where they got sick w covid so they did nothing but lay on the couch for days, which led to a secondary infection of pneumonia. Deep breathing in a shower or over some strong tea is really helpful, and if you have a humidifier that would be nice. Laying on your stomach is also helpful, since your airways can be blocked when you have weight for an extended period of time on your back where your lungs are. It was also recommended to lay on your stomach with a pillow beneath your stomach and your knees under ya to put you at a 45-degree angle and to breathe like that to allow your chest cavity to drain.. not totally sure what that one meant but it felt relieving to do!
sending best of luck and body love through this nightmare. And if you dont already have covid practice deep breathing Now! love


Based coofing bloomer


hope you are well anon !

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Did you know your body won't work without blood? Learn how to keep it inside you! If you haven't read Riot Medicine yet, or familiarized yourself with the TCCC guidelines, there's still time!


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