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Have you worked out today? Even just walked? Be honest anon.
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Medicines and stuff

Hey, this is a post to compile and gather resources for natural medicines and home remedies.

Photo: Yarrow
plentiful in the southwest and drought resistant.
Easy to make tea or simply syrup with - slightly bitter to taste (honey and lemon mix well with it)
Has a calming effect and it's antibacterial and astringent properties can calm an upset stomach and quell diarrhea. Taken Cold, it can help with urinary tract infections, taken hot its can help induce sweating with dry fevers. Hormone mimicking properties make it alleviate cramps, bloating and regulate bleeding during one's moon cycle. Chewing on the stalk and root can alleviate toothache. crushing fresh leaves without water on a wound can reduce bleeding and expedites healing.
(cation: commonly confused with carrot and hemlock flowers. The distinct scent and stem patterns set it apart. Yarrow has a spicy woodsy smell and stems from various places around the stalk - unlike the umbrella shaped counterparts. Refrain from ingesting if you are pregnant.)
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Post your gains, comrades.
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Hello /bod/

How come I always feel dizzy/nauseous after working out and what can I do to prevent this? It feels like being slightly car sick and it usually comes on about an hour/half an hour after work out. I've tried different remedies suggested on the internet such as not eating 2 hours before workout and eating foods with high amounts of sugar (such as bananas and yoghurt) afterwards, but nothing has helped so far. Help would be appreciated.

Pic unrelated.
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eating bugs on my own volition

this seems controversial and i don't like the idea of elites hording scarce meat and forcing everyone else to eat bugs and live in pods, but unironically it seems there are excellent pluses to eating insects and personally i don't find it particularly gross. wonder if any orange anons agree or even if you already do it.
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Which one of you wrote the url to this page in a storm drain??
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Ok so is this some sort of a cult or something
Who writes the manifestos and everything? Who are the leaders?
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Okay Path B:

I dont know what the fuck to eat.

>grow up in Kentucky

>Parents just make variations of meat, cheese and potatoes
>leave the house and make it out on my own
>try to eat healthy but everything is just Empire trying to sell me some scam
>Tfw i only have a pack of chicken breasts, ketchup and white bread in my fridge

How did yall start decolonizing your diets?
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Do we know who did the illustrations for the guide?
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Being in your body while having covid19 kind of sucks but I learned some things while I had it to make it more bearable. The biggest thing is to not stay stagnant for too long. A nurse recommended making a conscious effort to get up and move every 90-120 minutes, even if it's just to make a few laps around your house. Get yr lungs to werk while you're able. Someone in my family had a problem where they got sick w covid so they did nothing but lay on the couch for days, which led to a secondary infection of pneumonia. Deep breathing in a shower or over some strong tea is really helpful, and if you have a humidifier that would be nice. Laying on your stomach is also helpful, since your airways can be blocked when you have weight for an extended period of time on your back where your lungs are. It was also recommended to lay on your stomach with a pillow beneath your stomach and your knees under ya to put you at a 45-degree angle and to breathe like that to allow your chest cavity to drain.. not totally sure what that one meant but it felt relieving to do!
sending best of luck and body love through this nightmare. And if you dont already have covid practice deep breathing Now! love
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Did you know your body won't work without blood? Learn how to keep it inside you! If you haven't read Riot Medicine yet, or familiarized yourself with the TCCC guidelines, there's still time!

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Welcome to /bod/

Read inhabit body!


Our bodies can seem almost new to us after years of extraction by shit jobs and shit lives.

Inhabit.body a great primer for those of us getting into fitness for the first time.

Also read Rippetoe: