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Have you worked out today? Even just walked? Be honest anon.


I did some ollies in the living room. Trying to learn more skateboarding its pretty fun tbhonk


ooo good idea I should get a cheap skateboard


i walked around the neighbiorhood, i need to lift again


I don't have the discipline for daily exercise, but I did just start a job in a warehouse, so now I'm walking a couple miles a day, at least. But it's a Frito-Lay warehouse, so I'm not lifting anything very heavy :(


I worked on some erroding terraces in a garden today. Nothing like moving some dirt around in the full sunlight 0)))


everytime i remember this thread while biking? i bike harder
> R I D E F A S T F R E E E L I F E

are we working out outside in the winter this year anon? wyd?


biking for the revolution


I hate winter but gonna walk and jog outside at least. Mostly plan to L I F T at home.


No be a good commie comrade, get a caaaaaar, and burn gas money.


I didnt even go on my daily walk I usually do, soooo lazy reee.


you right
i should go bike a bit



not today, but i'm gonna tomorrow… promise

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