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this seems controversial and i don't like the idea of elites hording scarce meat and forcing everyone else to eat bugs and live in pods, but unironically it seems there are excellent pluses to eating insects and personally i don't find it particularly gross. wonder if any orange anons agree or even if you already do it.


Can we get them at whole foods or via Uber eats? Bugs are excellent proletarian foods, comrades.


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I don't know what you mean by pluses? The best way to cook them is deep fried. They are essentially as bad for you as sitting and eating french fries or potato chips. I don't see why you think they are good for you.


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Eating bugs is based.
Do any anons know how to get into without the soykaf of vertical bug farms and conSOOOOOMER DIY kits?


Most edible bugs would be considered invasive species or pest in places most of this board's posters live. And at industrial scales they should be grown to become a viable replacement for meat, they indeed pose a threat when they get loose. Animals can overgraze the territory, but their spread is easily controllable with fences and rods. Plus, upbringing of insects requires controlled climate which means electricity, complex electronics and specially designed rooms. I'd stick to eating fish and cattle/poutry you raise in a barn with nearby field.


not all of us are living in America or Europe.


I had a little earthworm farm as a kid, it was easy as fuck, I just had to collect some from the garden, feed them with kitchen waste and they multiplied very fast. I eventually set them free in the garden because they are good for the soil but in a SHTF scenario I might repeat this and eat the worms. Wikipedia says they're not food safe but only because of parasites, cooking them for some time should solve the problem I think.
(inb4 worms are not insects)



Fuck your worm prison


The CO2 that is emitted during the production of the food you eat probably kills more animals over the long term than what that guy did to his worms. I don't think you grow 100% of your vegetables yourself, do you?


You're so right more people die around the world in comparison to the amount I could ever kill myself so I might as well kill as many as I like


No, because not killing people by hand doesn't cause other people dying, whereas not growing your own food requires others to make food to feed you. Don't you see the difference?


Wrong. Not killing people by hand lets people ruin the planet and gets other people killed. If we imprison all people like worms or kill by hand then it is good garden


Surely you're trolling, why would killing all humans be better than having all humams killed? Because that is literally what you just said. And why would imprisoned humans not ruin the planet? And how is that even related to >>63


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Come back to doompost, homie.

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