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Post your gains, comrades.


i have turned a corner with my lowkey bodyweight training and am starting to really notice that i'm becoming stronger. feels great. have mostly always eaten well and nutritious, but being stricter about not eating late at night has really given me a lot more energy in the daytime too.

i do sets of situps, pushups, squats, some planks and yoga poses, and have some 10lb weights i kinda do some arm things with. i'm happy to have finally kind of found something that's fun for me and is giving me real positive changes in how i feel! i would LOVE to hear what anyone recommends for this kind of bodyweight stuff, fav routines or intervals or whatever, tho, too



Got a routine you're willing to share?



I would feel sheepish to call it a routine. But in the spirit of figuring things out together (and putting what i'm doing up for critique from those who know more), i've been doing something like this more days than not the last couple weeks:

-50ish situps (started at like 20. i know ppl now consider situps bad bc of strain on back, i'm just used to them but will likely switch these out soon)
-25-30ish pushups (started around like 10-15)
-with the 10lb weights: lift them up straight extended out from my shoulder, hold 20 seconds. couple reps of these (lighter weights probably better tbh)
-some bicep curls
-30-50 squats (i'm still working on my form, sometimes i use the weights to counterbalance and add some resistance, careful w/ yr knees)
-this spiral arm thing in front of my body, like you're doing the funny arm roller dance move but with weights. i do like 10 or 15 of these, feels good though mindful of your wrists too sometime i notice this can stress them, probably should use 8lbs tbh but i don't have them rn)
-then i kind of need to rest a big so i do some downward dogs and cobras and planks like basic sun salutation yoga vibes. i really notice the blood flowing and energy flowing around here.

then depending on how much drive and time i got i'll basically repeat that routine with progressively fewer reps, like maybe 20 situps, 15-20 pushups, etc.

on the third or maybe fourth round i'll barely be able to do 10 pushups at some point and then i usually stretch more and stop.

when i wake up, 10-20 situps and 10-20 pushups gets me locked into the day in a really helpful way. i notice my posture is better all day, sitting or standing, and my core feels always much more activated.



throughout the day, when i get distracted at my dumb computer, i try to do 10 pushups. any time i need to focus or snap out of some mind-hole or switch gears, 10 pushups. doing 10 pushups all the time is fun and always a challenge and gets me pumped. starts to feel like eating candy.

that's where i'm at. all of the above is just my own experimentation with bits and pieces i've learned or practiced in different ways over the last decade, but i got into running the last couple years and did less of this kind of bodyweight stuff. I know i should probably figure out how to switch out the situps, and there are more excellent core excercises in body.inhabit (linked below) i'm going to try to integrate more of those instead. disclaimer, i'm a total n00b; listen to your own body - notice when something feels weird or stressed and stop if it does!

inhabit.body: https://inhabit.global/tools/inhabit.body_strength_conditioning_guide_2020.pdf


update: after typing the above i realized i could definitely be doing a better routine lol. i did this today and it felt just about right for me rn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auo8veVyRIY


Based fascist, keep it up my man.

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