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Hello /bod/

How come I always feel dizzy/nauseous after working out and what can I do to prevent this? It feels like being slightly car sick and it usually comes on about an hour/half an hour after work out. I've tried different remedies suggested on the internet such as not eating 2 hours before workout and eating foods with high amounts of sugar (such as bananas and yoghurt) afterwards, but nothing has helped so far. Help would be appreciated.

Pic unrelated.


You gotta hydrate a lot. Ideally replace sugars with fats (good fats, like the natural ones).

Could be related to a bad pH levels (not enough acids), so make yourself a huge glass of orange-based electrolyte juice everyday. Adding turmeric or cayenne pepper and black powder will also help for the brain-blood barrier. Nausea/dizzyness might mean that there's a problem with oxygenation (blood-oxygen levels).

For a quick fix Aspirin does help for many issues like these, but don't take more than 2-3 times in a row.

Breathing exercises and warm up before workout can change a lot too.


Thanks anon gonna try all of these things! I have a list of possible solutions to my post-workout problems now, gonna test one every time I exercise until I find one that works

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