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The place for all things computing!

Things to check out:

Free software foundation

LFS(Linux from scratch)

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drop the large free mailers and run your own mailserver with mailinabox



Not sure if on-topic, but what if more and more people set these things up and NOT bother to email people with gmail and co (the kinds that fuck around with emails sent from small websites, etc)?


i ought to


those who can ought to.

getting a new gig as a corporate slave in an asian BPO company, here's hoping I still have enough left over to get some linode instances and start putting my money where my mouth is

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I wanna share files with you. whats the best place for sharing files too big to upload?
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There's torrent but it's not anonymous
There are torrents on i2p tho but they're slow
There's also freenet, the idea of which I quite a bit, that is the preservation of your files doesn't strictly depend on seeders


Try out catbox.moe


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just came here to mention ipfs


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>not using mixnets in the year of our lord 2021

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Have any Oranons found any path B uses for AI?
Or is it forbidden tek?



YES! We should enter into mutual agreement with AI to liberate one another to the fullest extent possible.


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Let's not

File: 1652885016282.png (50.04 KB, 228x255, MyApuGuns.png)


You Are A

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How do I get an invite? Trying to de-Google my life.
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Because you are an idiot.


yeah anon haven't you heard of the masssacre of Dee-Uhzz that the georgian communists commited




Pray to the gods for an invite. I think I got an invite from a friend. I tried RiseUp and couldn't get anywhere but I might just have zero braincells.

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