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anyone here into pentesting/cybersecurity?


I do a lot of hackthebox, I'm not great at it though.

There is a lot of places to start learning.
tryhackme.com is geared to very beginners and has a lot of free stuff also a paid version
vulnhub.com all free but also all linux might limit you on what you can do.

anarcho_hackers has a matrix server of like minded people
their matrix server is english but their website is in spanish. They might be more onboard with pathb approach

some old school zines from 2010's

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Install Funtoo.


File: 1603934698947.png (304.71 KB, 1920x1249, puffergang.png)

>not joining the puffergang
Give me one reason I should be using funtoo.


Because it's fun?? It's literally in the name.


tbh, I'll wait for HyperbolaBSD before switching away from Debian.


Isnt hyberbola that meme fork of openbsd made by archfigs?


Haven't been around the space for long, but the pushback against HyperbolaBSD sounds more like the dislike people had over its "political" roots, being a protest distro and all.

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“flew a $200 million dollar aircraft into the sea again because File Explorer crashed“

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