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Anons, do we know anything about this? Reads like a less pilled Orange Book. Pic unrelated.



Do amerilards really think magapedes are fasciscts?
On the topic: technology advice is inconsistent and contradicting. They don't even host a wiki, all normal technology collectives that disseminate knowledge do, looks like a coding camp scam. All they seem to offer on the webpage is paid-for "workshops" and introductory RTFM advice.
Also, their subtitle
>Technology education for radical organizers and revolutionary communities.
glows in the dark too much for my taste.


they are just rich nyc grifters that hang about, just like the inhabit text authors


>do amerilards really think magapedes are fascists?

I dont like the cut of this site's jib OP
Shit like the TLC is how radical cells degenerate into barren non-profits

t. Southern chad

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