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File: 1604325324601.png (169.58 KB, 573x848, emacs-cookbook.png)


emacs cookbook is based.


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>Using emacs in 2019+1 when neovim comes standard in most distro's repos
You have mere seconds to live.



You have to pry the lisp from my cold, dead hands


File: 1604327928593.jpg (40.06 KB, 500x328, itstime.jpg)

The lisp can stay, MIT allows this.

But the emacs must go anon.



I gotta finish my scheme-scripted text editor first!


Speaking of scheme anon, have you done SICP??


anti-civ computers are based


dunno whats wrong with Atom or even nano



Only halfway through


Nothing! I just need more than just a text editor, but not someting as specialized as an IDE. Like, if Lisp Machines were still a thing, I'd be on them. I need a completely integrated computing environment and Emacs is one of the very few things that does it as well. My desktop env is just here to give me access to images/videos, web browsing (qutebrowser), etc and the rest is all emacs.



wait, not desktop env, wm (bspwm)

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