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this has been your daily reminder that git was made for email.


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>version control meme

Why not go full zoomer with

I'd personally like to see git driven by something like matrix, it feels like a more updated email to me.


Because email isn't going away. Not for a really long time. It's offline-friendly and delay-tolerant. Integrated into a crapton of tools by default (especially if you have a local Mail folder) because (barring HTML email) they're just plaintext.

As far as matrix, I like matrix. But it's more IRC than mail. TBH, i'd rather see the increased adoption of darkmail[1] and see smaller servers host mailservers and mailing lists.

[1]: https://darkmail.info/


I hear running your own email is just a massive pain in the ass cause you get caught up in every spam filter ever



Sounds like a problem with normie mailservers thinking their better than smaller domains.



why not just use pgp?


Because PGP ain't for normies, although I'm already encouraging my own folks to use it for internal asynch comms.

with the entire ytdl cluster, I'm hoping to see more development move to PGP+Git+email


the problem with lavabit/proton mail is that their email encryption only works end to end if you have the same email hosting however.


Only if the people on both sides (non-Proton/Lavabit users and users) don't know the configs[1] to communicate via pgp.

[1]: here's one for Protonmail https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-use-pgp/


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>communicating via email
>communicating via pgp encrypted email
Spoken like a true boomer.
Listen here, gramps: email is only used for one thing these days: bureaucracy, and if you don't want to have all your identities associated with the only domain name you registered on your real name & address because that's how things are done in boomer domain registrars, being in constant fear of your server being banned by dragnet spam lists, there is no point in this retarded LARP. Besides, using email for software development is another boomer braindamage.
Use multiple unrelated corporate email addresses for bureaucracy:registering at websites, serives, government.
Use fucking XMPP with OMEMO to send dick pics to OP's mom.


this is correct tbh but there's njalla if you want anonymous domains



You can also buy from russian/chinese domain registrars that aren't public. Not everything is godaddy.


>> 92

> implying you wont selfhost

> imagine not having multiple email aliases
> imagine using traceable payments online

Sometimes i worry the kids aint alright.


So what's your view on xmpp then? I mean it's like email with the user@server thing
Also what alternatives do you propose exactly? A centralized resource like github?


Everyone should only use Vuvuzela, Pond, and Loopix.

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