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Black boxes and "hackers"
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Nice webpage you got there.


>The Glowies are tiqqunists

Fellas is the CIA based?


> n i c e p o s t l m a o


File: 1605864753192.jpg (112.49 KB, 1080x858, EmWcM2AVMAAhf7T.jpg)

large oof


One of these that stands out:

They are deploying some kind of weird tracking/feature flagging system on here to track how people interact with the site. Very odd unless there is some idea to commercialize this site/branding somehow.


wot in the hell

jannies… explain



Yeah idk why they couldnt just run the normal vanilla Vichan software like every other image board. It doesn't have tracking in it by default.. they specifically added it in..


I mean, use Tor but thats sketch lol


OP pic is what Noscript shows on inhabit.global page. Whoever made this place chose the ugliest webshit landing to deliver a few paragraphs of text that could have been done in pure html. I wonder for what purpose.


It isn't anything nefarious I don't think. The Inhabit people are just trying to do gurrilla marketing with their new brand. The Inhabit brand is going to be the next supreme, they are just jumping on the radical ecology wave with some hip empty revolutionary rhetoric devoid of substance.

Inhabit has analytics on it because that is necessary for the marketing/branding analysis work to see which demographics the brand is taking off with. If it was actually trying to do something actually revolutionary it would respect privacy. Instead it is just trying to sell them some branding shit.


If you knew how to do incredibly basic shit like open your browser's dev tools and select the network monitor tab, you could probably draw more accurate conclusions about the presence of Javascript on any given webpage.


I don't know if you just didn't read the conversation we are having here, the data analytics testing plugin shit they are using isn't just some stupid animation or font crap. It is actually data mining software, we have no idea what features of that data analytics they are using or trying to track just from the devtools.

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