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Anyone here thought about starting a meshnet ISP?


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Want to do one in my city and am currently going through this book for network design ideas and basics: http://wndw.net/download/WNDW_Standard.pdf

One big hurdle is trying to source hardware in scalable and cost effective way.


Businesses that are shuttering their doors may be an avenue to look down, a lot of the time they dump a lot of equipment for little to nothing since it isn't worth their time to sell


Not >>84 here, but the biggest difficulty I've had with any Wide Area Network design is sourcing high-powered wireless bridges, which aren't very common even in a lot of enterprise settings.

I just recently got into messing around with hardware (like dismantling and soldering stuff), though… I wonder if it's possible to modify an ordinary wireless access point to use an external antenna.


So don't do it in a scalable cost effective way? Just buy a few at a time and try to get anything working at first, why does it have to be scalable right away? Just try getting even a model of the thing working and slowly buy a few more nodes with extra money from your job.

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