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/our guy/ edition


What is the Undercommons and Destituent Power Conference?

>On November 13th-16th, then, Indiana University’s 2020 Critical Ethnic Studies symposium brings into dialogue two zones of contemporary insurgent study: the undercommons and destituent power. To explore social life that evades political constraints such as citizenship, sovereignty, and governance, we seek to build upon the work of Fred Moten, Stefano Harney and Giorgio Agamben. Reveling in the fields that ground their work, the Black radical tradition and Italian Autonomia, this forum seeks to collect and share what we’ve learned from the practices and forms of life that are already breaking free of politics.

This thread is for discussion and doomposting related to this event.

Stream for Panel 1

Highly recommend anons view this using VLC, mpv or whatever player you like.
Facebook is a fuck.
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> DAY 3
> DAY 3
> DAY 3

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For Doomposts.
Anything goes but:


Disclaimer: Posts in /d/ and other boards do not necessarily reflect the views of those running the site.

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Is she the final boss of path A?




Landian speculative realism and his related works on the dark englightenment are extremely essential reading if you want to understand the right-wing technologist perspective. Their perspective is growing very powerful both online and in the Bay area.

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glad to see admin here already removing posts


Yep it is always just more of the same when people start curating communities. "No you are posting all wrong! You have to live/think/act with affinity toward the commune hub discussion in the way WE say you should."

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we just need to accept it


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>Accept the necro timeline

We're only getting started anon.


Doomerism is absolute fucking cope


It is people complaining about stuff instead of actually doing anything with their lives and communities. It helps them justify their inaction as valid and righteous when in reality doomer is just hollow lazy excuses to continue down a path of laziness.

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so, how does this organizing thing gonna actually work. Is this just gonna be a (bunkerchan.xyz), but anarkiddy version or is this gonna actually be a way to organize groups and share info?

Has anyone got a group started to kick things off or is this just spreading info stage right now. Is their anyway to kick things off?
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what are you on about anon



It definitely seems worthwhile to establish communes that have "the land, equipment, and skill required to engage in serious farming" but also nobody is suggesting a vision of food autonomy that's about growing all one's own food or that a commune necessarily looks like a rural homestead. The suburbs seem ripe for communizing various spaces and aspects of life.

But also, just to say it, one person can easily plant fruit and nut trees which will produce more food than that person will eat for the rest of their life. Supposing the chestnuts live even a fraction of their 800 yrs, for example.

Nobody's suggesting we become peasants, you know?


any updates on hub setup?


File: 1606620965515.jpg (61.84 KB, 575x431, rammed_earth.jpg)

If you're looking for places to check out I got a few.

Co-op Jackson

Co-op Jackson is a beefy effort focused on building a solidarity economy in Jackson, Mississippi. They've been around for a bit and have alot to show for it. One cool thing about them is their community production, for instance they've been 3d printing masks for the Plague.


Here's a list of the co-ops they're currently workin on:

Carbondale Spring is a food autonomy focused project in Southern Illinois. Their biggest claim to fame is the gardens they work on scattered across the city. They grow food autonomously and give it out. One of their main bits is that they want defund the police to accomplish their initiatives. They also have a cooperative wing thats trying to get off the ground.

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Just go do it, and come back here to tell us about it. We aren't your mom, just go find places where you can get resources and start working from there and people will start to find your shit and reach out to you. If you can't do things on your own at least at a minor level of building your own autonomy with your local crew, I don't need to know you.

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Has the great reset replaced the boog?


The Great Reset will destroy this world


Wtf is the great reset? Is that when all the countries make the same mistakes at once


Yes, but also…

It's this "capitalism, but friendly!" proposal from the World Economic Forum, which right-wing conspiracy nuts are now convinced is the final step for the (((globalist financial elites))) to implement their new world order.


File: 1606000876788.jpg (158.77 KB, 1200x863, EnXlQYFXcAgw4FG.jpg)


> unleash the orange conspiracies


could work

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What does it mean to be against/for Civilization? How do you define it personally? What authors/definitions do you subscribe to in your analysis?
This seems like an important question for pathB that is often avoided but constantly relevant. Can the Ungovernable be bracketed within what has been called Civilization?



Corrosive consciousness is better imo.

Civilization to me is the physical manifestation of the logic of domination, a collection of machines and living things acting in concert to surpress "wild tendencies". All physical things that can be subverted and attacked. So I kinda like to see all leaderless anti-state action, as action against civilization. I'd have to know what you mean by ungovernable though, because to me being ungovernable *IS* being anti-civ, but it sounds like the way you're using it is a bit more loaded desu.


Civilization: actually, it’s good!


It is a word with many definitions



Name one reason this is the case.


Going to the moon and not knowing everyone is kinda based sometimes

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whatcha readin, anons?

pic related (revisiting a classic)

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