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/our guy/ edition


What is the Undercommons and Destituent Power Conference?

>On November 13th-16th, then, Indiana University’s 2020 Critical Ethnic Studies symposium brings into dialogue two zones of contemporary insurgent study: the undercommons and destituent power. To explore social life that evades political constraints such as citizenship, sovereignty, and governance, we seek to build upon the work of Fred Moten, Stefano Harney and Giorgio Agamben. Reveling in the fields that ground their work, the Black radical tradition and Italian Autonomia, this forum seeks to collect and share what we’ve learned from the practices and forms of life that are already breaking free of politics.

This thread is for discussion and doomposting related to this event.

Stream for Panel 1

Highly recommend anons view this using VLC, mpv or whatever player you like.
Facebook is a fuck.
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Dude, do you even fucking know what is a "boomer" at this point? Those people either got retirement jobs at the White House or are rotting at the nursery home…

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For Doomposts.
Anything goes but:


All posts that violate these rules will be deleted.

Disclaimer: Posts in /d/ and other boards do not necessarily reflect the views of those running the site.

File: 1642644664836.png (1.44 MB, 1560x1112, anarcho-bidenism.png)


what the hell is going on joe

File: 1642087566871.jpeg (54.83 KB, 432x432, Conspiracy Dawn.jpeg)


Knowledge is the Key, whoever is superior have the Knowledge that you don't have, Secret societies members ranks different than the other due to their knowledge level, those people whose think that they know better than all of you whose don't know for the Nation's interest, but actually its for their own interest, and we all are nothing but collateral casualties for them, they Brain wash us through our schools, closing our conscious, blinding our eyes to the reality and the facts around us to realize the knowledge that we suppose to have in order to retrieve one mandatory thing, its our true Rights, our Humane Rights that you do know from within, and have no clue if it exist, the Rights that we lived seeing others enjoying it while we are suffering Hunger and Deprivation:-

The System Name: System 37 (RXMHQ)

Description: Complete System that replace all the current invalid systems retrieving the humanity looted Rights back.

Status: Activated but the current systems succeeded to hide it from the minds.

Attempts: So many bases in different platforms have been made about it, and all of it has been banned by the systems to nullify the chance of knowing it.

System Slogan: System 37 has been created to eliminate all the current invalid systems around the Nations decades ago, such invalid systems that caused the Chaos we Human beings are living now… all this about to change once you have the knowledge…

The System preparatory Pages (site):

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>2003 - 2019 Dr Rex inc. holding., LTD. All rights reserved

bro did you seriously put a copyright claim on the secrets to the universe :'(


here is the thing bro, the creator of this system got dead after he announced it in his twitter, when ever you post this anywhere the admins will just delete it, and here you can be sure that such platform is related to the current corrupted system or not.


using bad english doesn't make you look cryptic, it makes you look unserious

The true master would be able to use basic grammar


We are not in a language class man, don't make fool of yourself, he is a messenger and we got the massage, that's it, so don't make such pathetic arguments thou.

File: 1641612538472.jpg (1.98 MB, 1293x8192, hedonism.jpg)




cool post

File: 1611456885050.jpg (498.17 KB, 1800x1405, 20210122_134720.jpg)


Heard this is a bloody good forum for monarchist chads. Good to meet y'all. Hot me with your favorite chad monarchist


Yes! This a forum for MAGAtards, my man. Support your local narcissist asshole because you must.


File: 1611901594665.jpg (219.58 KB, 1277x800, hell_yeah.jpg)

#1 GOAT chad monarchist incoming


File: 1640808767784.jpg (1.94 MB, 2500x3125, 2022 bingo.jpg)



File: 1638884386852.png (1.07 MB, 1260x896, meme berserk1.PNG)


I think pacifism cannot change the actual state of things. I read about violence and I think it can help pushing our politics if done correctly, cibling strategics sectors.
But I am not someone violent.
My main problem is that i am incapable of physical violence or harm someone. I hate fascist but I don't lie to myself and know I can't win in a streetfight against one of them. I already tried a martial art but I get my ass kicked 2 times (wasn't fascists, just some bastard who want to hit and rob someone).
In these situation I just can't hit them, my brain blocked my body.
This incapacity to be violent make me question my political beliefs about violence. Am I a stupid bastard who as a juvenile political vision ? How can you be more capable of violence ?


It makes sense to me to support violence but have your own feelings about
it that aren't visceral pleasure, I think alot of people who even train in fighting
rather not get *into* fights. If you want to learn to fight, practice! If you don't do somethin'

File: 1638715907307.jpg (17.15 KB, 219x220, antiwork.jpg)


ANTI-WORK thread

Wagies have had enough and have pulled together a kinda large online movement.
Composed of anarchists, trots and normies who hate their jobs. Will they finally take down McDonalds??

>Antiwork hackers print propaganda on business receipts


>The Boycott that was tried


>Annoyed parasites

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


they can take your freedom but they can never take your slack



File: 1638869474191.webm (9.63 MB, 640x360, Gary U.S. Bonds - SEVEN D….webm)

as the common wisdom says: it is very important that we lie down on the floor and remain calm, folks

File: 1637327957402.jpeg (110.51 KB, 500x500, kevin carson.jpeg)





alright anon, are you carson-pilled ? are you exodus-pilled ? Are you ready to invest in a cnc machine and a 3D printer to get the gang their breathalizers and FGC-09 up and ready ? are you building meshworks to share memes and tips and treats and tricks with the rest of your crew ?

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