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/our guy/ edition


What is the Undercommons and Destituent Power Conference?

>On November 13th-16th, then, Indiana University’s 2020 Critical Ethnic Studies symposium brings into dialogue two zones of contemporary insurgent study: the undercommons and destituent power. To explore social life that evades political constraints such as citizenship, sovereignty, and governance, we seek to build upon the work of Fred Moten, Stefano Harney and Giorgio Agamben. Reveling in the fields that ground their work, the Black radical tradition and Italian Autonomia, this forum seeks to collect and share what we’ve learned from the practices and forms of life that are already breaking free of politics.

This thread is for discussion and doomposting related to this event.

Stream for Panel 1

Highly recommend anons view this using VLC, mpv or whatever player you like.
Facebook is a fuck.
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Dude, do you even fucking know what is a "boomer" at this point? Those people either got retirement jobs at the White House or are rotting at the nursery home…

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For Doomposts.
Anything goes but:


All posts that violate these rules will be deleted.

Disclaimer: Posts in /d/ and other boards do not necessarily reflect the views of those running the site.

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>shillposts on /d/ will be removed
does that mean i can shill on the other boards
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Must resist the urge.. To SHILL. REEEE


File: 1662507875211.jpg (66.59 KB, 625x872, 2c3178e128ea6088ace44fdf52….jpg)

lambdachan refuge here. The site is down at the moment


define "shilling" posts. I am into two bob bit posts. It's more than a "shilling"






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reading up on ethics


File: 1644517491005.jpg (55.04 KB, 758x1170, spinoza.jpg)

lets go



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recommend good podcasts, anon.
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File: 1649675846166.jpg (166.13 KB, 1400x1400, TENEPOD.jpg)



thank you very cool anon


It Could Happen Here

File: 1654698365551.jpg (76.12 KB, 750x1000, Doompost-Mascot.jpg)


Says nothing, posts doom.


I'm more of a doomscroller.

File: 1613744787904.jpg (46.75 KB, 481x498, 44442491.JPG)


What do /d/oomers think of this stuff written by people in the midwest?


>The Next Eclipse is a challenge to build the capacity for regional autonomy in this time between the eclipses. By “autonomy,” we mean the possibility of a life outside the existing economic and political relations, the possibility of a dignified, free, and equal life here in southern Illinois.
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>>552 earnest question, why are you here?



I don't wanna answer for 552 but I think you commies are taking yourselves wayyyy too seriously.


>>554 trips says maybe it's you who are talking yourself way too seriously



trip says no u


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