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> "Either communism is among us, within us and through us, or it is nothing. It’s like love which, it seems to me, shares many things with communism: we miss it although it is always there, we hear it beating in the depths but we can’t grasp it. And even buried under millions and millions of bits, pixels, lies and pain, betrayals and tears, we still hear it."

there's a lot in this text that felt very encouraging to me right now, what parts struck you oranons? reading group thread?
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You aren't a member of the reading group, please leave this thread, only members are talking amongst themselves.



Wtf… so then make this thread private, dumb bitch!


The glow is strong with these replies

The whole night sky thing was neat
>>And even buried under millions and millions of bits, pixels, lies and pain, betrayals and tears..
I smell bloom


File: 1614011370606.jpg (52.43 KB, 819x461, a021bcf70e3d5f680ae118327f….jpg)

Can we move on to a new article? This one is so dry i found sand in my panties


Only if we take a vote first this is a democracy.

File: 1613677995828.png (296.03 KB, 640x480, WVS II.png)


Hello, pals. I'm not doing great. I look at what's happening in Texas, and it's exactly what we all knew was going to happen. Climate change → extreme weather → grid failure → municipal collapse. The authorities, elected and otherwise, abandon the people. This is the moment we should have been preparing for, building networks of mutual aid, installing community microgrids, canning and pickling everything that you could eke out of a vacant neighborhood lot, and if we weren't preparing for it, we don't have an excuse any more. What needs to be done has never been clearer. And here I am, and it's just too much, guys. I want to stick my head in a drill press. I feel like somebody's taken a melon baller to my heart and scooped me out. There has never been better evidence that I am not suited for the times. I don't want to organize, I don't want to meet people or listen to their problems, I don't want to do any of the hard work that all the mutual aid groups in Texas are doing. I'm too lazy to go out and start a Food Not Bombs group and I'm too cowardly to throw Molotovs at ICE detention centers (pic related). Reading Inhabit was the first time in at least a decade I actually had hope, just for a second, but after watching myself sink deeper into the couch with every horror and indignity, that's long gone. I always thought that the two options were going to be revolution or collapse, but I never expected the revolution was going to happen during the collapse and I'd just…sit it out, like a fucking grub. What am I fucking doing here, guys?


I dont think you have to try and scramble to do any anarcho or commie prepperism

Is there anything you do in life that gives you some kind of small joy?



I dunno. I struggle a lot with depression, which I guess came out in that post, and one of the biggest manifestations of that is anhedonia. I like to handload ammunition, which is a fun hobby, but it's expensive. I like to listen to podcasts about social ecology. I like to make lists of all the flashlights and multitools I'd like to buy someday. Part of it is definitely a clash between what I want to do (very little, as a rule) and what I feel like I OUGHT to want to do–go out, organize, radicalize, etc. This leads to intense feelings of both guilt and shame for not doing enough.



So go do it, you clearly won't feel better until you self-actualize on the things you want to do. There really isn't going to be much better advice, everyone is suffering from depression now, and I've tried everything to make it better. In reality a lot of depression doesn't get better until you self-actualize and the only way to do that is to force yourself to do things. There is no easy solution, and any solution peddled to you that sounds easy isn't going to work.



To clarify, you're saying "just do it" to the mutual aid and community gardens and not to spending all my money on flashlights and gun lube?



Anything that involves you participating socially with other people on some work. What that specifically is, is completely agnostic honestly. You say you don't participate in mutual aid and community gardens, maybe you don't actually like gardening all that much? A lot of people lie to themselves about what they enjoy.

Pick something that you actually like and try to turn that into something participatory maybe. Like you said you like reloading ammo? Maybe set up a monthly training on reloading, or random talks on tearing down and maintaining guns. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to share your skillset with other people in a way that provides them value. And then in turn when they have some shit to share with you, you participate in their shit. Just showing up to mutual aid shit is half the battle.

File: 1613614553690.jpeg (202.03 KB, 1320x770, 8e1a36b8-63e7-11e9-b745-1….jpeg)


Since I use Redfshift, the Reds look Orange.


File: 1613745180460.jpeg (41.03 KB, 474x286, landlord_classicide.jpeg)

Mao had some gamer moments


File: 1613774277081.jpeg (64.58 KB, 450x383, gamers.jpeg)


BIG gamer brochads. indeed, comrade!

File: 1613013459509.jpg (805.44 KB, 1440x2560, 20181103_205038~2.jpg)


scale of one to fun: how queer are you oran(ge)on?


File: 1613050857140.jpg (173.41 KB, 794x889, GANGGANGGANGANG.jpg)

>How queer are you

I fucking hate every branch of the federal government and think catboys are based, so pretty queer I guess

File: 1612194986186.jpg (133.42 KB, 406x379, CORTEGE.jpg)


What does Path B think of /ourguys/, the vests?


File: 1612242510172.png (1.32 MB, 1040x1146, let's fucking go.png)

> america needs this energy imo


They happened like in Edmonton for a while I think, but they were CHUDs, like totally different crowd to Frenchie Commietards.

And then RadLeft in NA are just publishing BOOOOKS. And orange books too!

Ain't got no clue whY!

File: 1611871844121.png (576.97 KB, 1267x860, mg4t55542.png)




implying anyone on here had any spare cash to buy any, but go ahead take credit for what fascists did.


>not buying the dip on $GME $AME or $NOK
>not gearing up for the true great crash of the 20s
>choosing instead to seethe in the face of the next



I'm sorry you weren't able to be a part of history, but I personally will be enjoying the fruits of these gainz




…is a spook, loser.


spooks are spooks, my friend

File: 1611456885050.jpg (498.17 KB, 1800x1405, 20210122_134720.jpg)


Heard this is a bloody good forum for monarchist chads. Good to meet y'all. Hot me with your favorite chad monarchist


Yes! This a forum for MAGAtards, my man. Support your local narcissist asshole because you must.


File: 1611901594665.jpg (219.58 KB, 1277x800, hell_yeah.jpg)

#1 GOAT chad monarchist incoming

File: 1611877971402.png (1.18 MB, 1200x800, HOLDTHELINE.png)


hold the line

File: 1611604034712.jpg (147.49 KB, 1536x1009, gamestop siege.jpg)


algorithmic trading has proved vulnerable

what other algorithms are open to attack?


File: 1611606860011.jpg (103.84 KB, 400x271, 1518118338692.jpg)

This isn't something radically new, everyone has known how to run these kinds of plays since the 1970's. The only reason why you don't see them as much now is because they are outlawed by the SEC, shit is a felony. If some of the redditors doing this weren't accessing reddit via tor some of them are probably going to be brought up on charges, be careful discussing this.


nope. its not illegal to like a stock. you cant send a meme to jail

File: 1610767158707.jpg (128.61 KB, 1284x1265, 20210114_223851.jpg)


This is a sad and cruel day. May God help us.
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go away Christian Vitalist, we stay true to no gods, no masters here. jesus is a filthy pig cop.


There is no god but orange pill and inhabit is its profit. Dicks out for path b.


implying they made any money selling these shitty pamphlets, they wish!!


Don't need to profit wen you got trust funds


So True!

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