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>Just checked the cosmos
>The moon, the sun and stars are in their rightful place

I dont mean to get cocky bros, but i think we're gonna make it

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how's covid governance going in your territory /d/oomers? :/ here there's still a curfew every evening before the sun even goes down, and most anti-curfew sentiments will get you called a crypto-fascist by liberals and leftists. however a popular revolt is also underway and growing, mayday should be pretty interesting.

anyone seen any anti covid governance activity getting any traction successfully outside of right-coded spaces? or have any luck infiltrating or engaging with other mobilizations? i know in many places restrictions are mostly lifted / non-existent, but for the rest of us- are we just waiting this out? feels like shit


In America things feel semi normal. The massive scale of the rollout of the vaccine has made people be completely fine with acting as if its all over. Most people still wear masks and social distance, but its becoming more and more common to see people not do those things. Parties and bars packed with people. Its still going on and as Americans revel in the freedom of "the end of lockdown" the rest of the world doesn't have access and suffers. Never lived under a curfew during the whole pandemic. Rural America really didn't change that much besides masks and the economic effects from the lockdwon. Crazy to think how different the American experience has been as opposed to even other European countries with real lockdowns and curfews and only be able to literally go to the grocery store once a week. Life changed, but is also shockingly similar to everything that happened before it.


My country never had a lockdown, the only thing that really has been banned are large gatherings of people, which mostly affects stores and music concerts

>anyone seen any anti covid governance activity getting any traction successfully outside of right-coded spaces?

The only ones who oppose the government measures against covid are new age boomers and neo-nazis. Because apparently the freedoms we've enjoyed compared to the rest of the world aren't enough

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who's on /d/ tn anons calling all ducks
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Woops forgot the suit


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Is path b distinct from anarchism and leftist ideology? a lot of radical ppl I talk to see it as anarchism but then normies dont usually but seem to see it as k back to the land, or commune-ist, or really whatever radical thing they are already familiar with.

I think it’s not leftist because path b doesn’t call for revolution to destroy the state or take power, but socially “exit a dying civilization”. Its still hard seeing what this means, but I think it feels different to most ppl from anarchism that wants to destroy society or socialist that wants to make it work better.


>its still hard see what this means

Based. I think there's been intentional room left for the person interacting with Path B to see how they
relate to it and what emerges amount of contacting Path B's propositions.

What kind of things do you picture OP when thinking about "exiting a dying civilization"?


out of*



What do you think Path B is, OP?

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All my American comrades who find themselves poised to receive some crumbs from the State's table, any plans for your 0.0245778806 BTC?


File: 1615912977435.jpg (35.9 KB, 512x384, cigarettesRcool.jpg)

about 250 packs of cigarettes and fist sized ball of del gold tobacco seeds so i never have to buy any more cigs again.

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What are we reading these days, comrades? I just got a copy of "Less Is More" by Jason Hickel–I really enjoyed "The Divide," and this is a more explicit call for degrowth (which I believe should be called "collapse"). Got a copy of "Post-Scarcity Anarchism" in the mail, should hopefully get that before too long.


Good, so what didja get from this book? Any special ideas beyond being a 300+ pages expansion on the title?

Be verbose. Don't be so sub-process.



None of it was new to me, but I'll put it this way. David Wallace-Wells' "The Uninhabitable Earth" or Kolbert's "The Sixth Extinction" (or hell, even "Desert") is better at articulating the consequences of global heating. Cesaire, Fanon, and Freire are better at explaining why dehumanization is both a necessary element for, and outcome of, violence and colonialization. Gorz, Latouche, and Illich are better at describing the economic, industrial, and social changes that need to be initiated to avert ecological collapse, and Kallis, Muraca, and especially Parrique have a better job in the last decade of consolidating those guys and presenting them under the broader banner of "degrowth." Kimmerer, Ocalan, Graeber, and Bookchin are far better at illustrating the links between ecology, reciprocity, solidarity, and the ethic of community versus domination. But none of those people were able to collect everybody else into one text as Hickel does in LIM.

As for "special ideas," again, there's nothing in it that isn't in other degrowth texts.The usual grab-bag is present: Ban advertising and manufactured obsolescence, shorter work week, campaign finance reform, wealth tax, debt jubilee, regenerative agriculture, more worker cooperatives. It's all very dependent on State power. Hickel seems to be under the assumption that popular political action can change the course of world governance, which, we're all on this site, so I guess I know what we think about that.

But it's still useful. For me, Path B IS direct democracy, reciprocity, sustainability, commons, decommodification, and solidarity, and the degrowth movement people are doing the best job of promoting that right now.

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What do /d/oomers think of this stuff written by people in the midwest?


>The Next Eclipse is a challenge to build the capacity for regional autonomy in this time between the eclipses. By “autonomy,” we mean the possibility of a life outside the existing economic and political relations, the possibility of a dignified, free, and equal life here in southern Illinois.
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Hey, they also do hobby gardening, tool shares, and community dinners! The state designates these activities and all who perpetrate them as public enemy number one. It is better that this stuff be kept under wraps, you never know when an agent will wander in to share some vegetables or join the 50,000th attempt at doing a reading group on "Caliban and The Witch".


>>552 earnest question, why are you here?



I don't wanna answer for 552 but I think you commies are taking yourselves wayyyy too seriously.


>>554 trips says maybe it's you who are talking yourself way too seriously



trip says no u

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We made the news fellas

IGD on 'Reattachments' and 'Inhabit'

Anews comments on 'Another Word for Settle'

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Where are we supposed to buy land for communes? Am I supposed to go back to Europe? I guess if I don't belong here I'll leave.


it's not about BUYING land that's a pretty settler mindset that you should work on. It's about respecting indigenous people and the land. try talking to local tribes and councils as a first step.


Oh sorry I forgot this site is all 18 year olds who think that they are going to seize land in some global upheaval. Yeah yeah yeah, you know who else put forward this idea that we are just going to squat everything? German Autonomists in the 80s who put all of their efforts into seizing squats and land as their main politic. Where are they now you might be wondering? Hmmmm, good question.

There is always some global upheaval that is going to make the occupation turn into something real but it is all a larp, everyone who does the kind of projects Inhabit is all about BUYS the land they are making use of. Pretending that they don't, or pretending that you are going to squat and not have it seized a year later is retarded. This is just the practical reality of the situation, and you can larp about fantasy alternatives that might happen in the future, but we don't live there, we live here under capital.

>try talking to local tribes and councils as a first step.

Oh yeah that is really the solution huh? Inhabit-centric folks do talk and work with local tribes all the time, one of the first community dinners I ever went to was literally hosting local tribes people and talking about building connections between the two projects while sharing food together. Lot of good that does when randos on the internet write hit pieces about you anyway like in the above article. I guess the actual work you do in private makes no difference whatsoever when random people on IGD will just write gibberish reviews critiquing your projects for not doing something WE LITERALLY FUCKING DO.


File: 1614136440799.jpg (17.05 KB, 500x334, MonkeTheMonke.jpg)

> Yeah yeah yeah, you know who else put forward this idea that we are just going to squat everything? German Autonomists in the 80s who put all of their efforts into seizing squats and land as their main politic. Where are they now you might be wondering? Hmmmm, good question.

Indeed, you know Jack Shit about the subject.

> pretending that you are going to squat and not have it seized a year later is retarded

No u.

So have fun becoming the landlords! But keep in mind that failure to pay taxes also means seizure of "your" land by municipalities, and in the context of FARM land, many governments got harsh demands that push for commercialization of crops.



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Hey, silly

Good to know that you can use your admin privilege for removing comments that call on your ill-informed bullshitting of the squat movement in Europe.

Again, don't talk about stuff you know so little about, kay?

File: 1613111280599.png (4.62 MB, 3352x1904, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at ….png)



> "Either communism is among us, within us and through us, or it is nothing. It’s like love which, it seems to me, shares many things with communism: we miss it although it is always there, we hear it beating in the depths but we can’t grasp it. And even buried under millions and millions of bits, pixels, lies and pain, betrayals and tears, we still hear it."

there's a lot in this text that felt very encouraging to me right now, what parts struck you oranons? reading group thread?
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You aren't a member of the reading group, please leave this thread, only members are talking amongst themselves.



Wtf… so then make this thread private, dumb bitch!


The glow is strong with these replies

The whole night sky thing was neat
>>And even buried under millions and millions of bits, pixels, lies and pain, betrayals and tears..
I smell bloom


File: 1614011370606.jpg (52.43 KB, 819x461, a021bcf70e3d5f680ae118327f….jpg)

Can we move on to a new article? This one is so dry i found sand in my panties


Only if we take a vote first this is a democracy.

File: 1613677995828.png (296.03 KB, 640x480, WVS II.png)


Hello, pals. I'm not doing great. I look at what's happening in Texas, and it's exactly what we all knew was going to happen. Climate change → extreme weather → grid failure → municipal collapse. The authorities, elected and otherwise, abandon the people. This is the moment we should have been preparing for, building networks of mutual aid, installing community microgrids, canning and pickling everything that you could eke out of a vacant neighborhood lot, and if we weren't preparing for it, we don't have an excuse any more. What needs to be done has never been clearer. And here I am, and it's just too much, guys. I want to stick my head in a drill press. I feel like somebody's taken a melon baller to my heart and scooped me out. There has never been better evidence that I am not suited for the times. I don't want to organize, I don't want to meet people or listen to their problems, I don't want to do any of the hard work that all the mutual aid groups in Texas are doing. I'm too lazy to go out and start a Food Not Bombs group and I'm too cowardly to throw Molotovs at ICE detention centers (pic related). Reading Inhabit was the first time in at least a decade I actually had hope, just for a second, but after watching myself sink deeper into the couch with every horror and indignity, that's long gone. I always thought that the two options were going to be revolution or collapse, but I never expected the revolution was going to happen during the collapse and I'd just…sit it out, like a fucking grub. What am I fucking doing here, guys?


I dont think you have to try and scramble to do any anarcho or commie prepperism

Is there anything you do in life that gives you some kind of small joy?



I dunno. I struggle a lot with depression, which I guess came out in that post, and one of the biggest manifestations of that is anhedonia. I like to handload ammunition, which is a fun hobby, but it's expensive. I like to listen to podcasts about social ecology. I like to make lists of all the flashlights and multitools I'd like to buy someday. Part of it is definitely a clash between what I want to do (very little, as a rule) and what I feel like I OUGHT to want to do–go out, organize, radicalize, etc. This leads to intense feelings of both guilt and shame for not doing enough.



So go do it, you clearly won't feel better until you self-actualize on the things you want to do. There really isn't going to be much better advice, everyone is suffering from depression now, and I've tried everything to make it better. In reality a lot of depression doesn't get better until you self-actualize and the only way to do that is to force yourself to do things. There is no easy solution, and any solution peddled to you that sounds easy isn't going to work.



To clarify, you're saying "just do it" to the mutual aid and community gardens and not to spending all my money on flashlights and gun lube?



Anything that involves you participating socially with other people on some work. What that specifically is, is completely agnostic honestly. You say you don't participate in mutual aid and community gardens, maybe you don't actually like gardening all that much? A lot of people lie to themselves about what they enjoy.

Pick something that you actually like and try to turn that into something participatory maybe. Like you said you like reloading ammo? Maybe set up a monthly training on reloading, or random talks on tearing down and maintaining guns. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to share your skillset with other people in a way that provides them value. And then in turn when they have some shit to share with you, you participate in their shit. Just showing up to mutual aid shit is half the battle.

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