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>This ones not for the anit-civ's

I'm a big fan of urbanism, the process of centralization seemingly expressed in nearly all human societies in varying degrees
Urbanism = centrality of centers (societal centers, productive centers, etc.), this is more or less what sociologist Henri Lefebvre puts forwards and its can be used to explain how as a human society develops its productive forces it develops cities, the most concentrated forms of urbanity

Ur - Sumerian society
Babylon - Babylonian society
Thebes - Egypt
to name a few

A simple way to view contemporary urbanisms, those rife with alienation, pollution, generally in-human spaces, is that it is a bastardization of urban potential, where rather than increasing common accessibility through agglomeration and centralization of centers of necessity (food/housing/education/etc.) it increases separation (think of highways bifurcating cities or redlining)

In creating a better society we must produce spaces which can facilitate and reinforce the relations and values of the society (in the same way capitalist urbanism reinforce and reproduce capitalist relations/values). With general ecological sentiments in mind we can assume that the sky-scraper filled cities (Singapore, Dubai, New York) will not have a place in this new societies places.
What forms/characteristics could future spaces take?
What could we take from the settlement forms of pre-industrial societies?



Seems like the architecture is an unavoidable complication. Asphalt, concrete, and glass make cities hotter, and over the next ten years, the big megalopolises might be rendered uninhabitable as a result. So by necessity, any new urban center is going to have to rebuild or modify existing structures so they don't cook us alive.

Once we get that done (If we get that done), new centers of activity will sprout yup organically, I think.


Definitely, its a real wicked problem, and that's not even to go into the energy cost embedded in existing structures. I think you'll be right about centers growing organically post-revolution. I'm really interested in the idea of architecture/urbanism being used as "Social Condensers" which can facilitate that growth

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we just need to accept it
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What does that star
even mean anymore. Everytime I see that shit I think of Warhammer 40K




hail Eris




if i just get depressed maybe it'll be less painful

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Is this Path B?


You wish


How is this different from co-op housing done normally?

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What do you call on for strength when Empire almost wins?

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glad to see admin here already removing posts
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Reject the false dichotomy between bloomer and doomer



why are critiques of the jannies are being removed? such fragility


Any screenshots?


There is no such thing as a bloomer doomer, all doomers do is show up to meetings or events and complain while getting 0 work done. Fuck doomers.

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>shillposts on /d/ will be removed
does that mean i can shill on the other boards


booj tech couple removes critical doomposts


We've been getting some spam threads that are promoting gross sexual content and some spammers promoting other imageboards. So any threads of that nature, such as threads that derail any board to shill/advertise/promote, will be removed.

Thanks for understanding, yall!


Can we still shill the orange pill yall?


Must resist the urge.. To SHILL. REEEE

File: 1607838958271.png (416.5 KB, 680x366, KuRSRfPc.png)


This is OUR place. Not gonna let them Democucks take 'way ur kingdum!


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File: 1607480055504.jpeg (353.23 KB, 2048x1536, EowgYHiVQAAPbH5.jpeg)


Is it happening again?


Where is this? Can you give some context for your image?


Red House Autonomous Zone in PDX. It started out as eviction resistance for a native family living at a house but turned into a block wide autonomous zone.


Edit: was actually the last black family on that block. Historically black PDX neighborhood that is being gentrified. The family doesn't want to call it an autonomous zone but they consider it eviction defense, and it is still going strong as of now.

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> unleash the orange conspiracies
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Orange Man has won the elections. We should stand by him and get rid of the ANTIFA that takin over our cuntry… wake up!


Do the Orange Inhabit-people support the Orange man? Is this why they use the orange theme?


lmao you should readinhabit.com anon!


did they really buy that domain for a redirect? lol


Would be stupid not to imo, that's like a $12-$15 cost for a URL that's immediately recognizable as a URL and tells you something about what to expect on the site.

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