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File: 1608990949957.jpg (84.44 KB, 1015x571, 7ceee306-bc36-4ff7-941f-f4….JPG)


911, including non-emergency numbers, down for hours at up to 180-mile radius. Nashville Airport forced to briefly ground flights. Verizon and AT&T customers as far as Alabama and Atlanta, GA reporting continuing disrupted service. No known casualties.

This seems more like something the ELF would. Doesn't seem Islamic.

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> orangechan talking ELF b4 it gets tagged



File: 1609364676331.png (1.35 MB, 1282x1162, Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at ….png)

ummm what i meant was now there is an actual earth first tag at this weird natural gas line attack in aspen co, tho in my head it feels very… strange. idk idk but for the epstein nerds it looks like it took out the heating to les wexner's estate

(jannies feel free to delete those last misposts)



Wexner's main house is in Ohio… and he's put his Aspen mountain ranch for sale back in early 2019.

Still kinda cool action for how Aspen is notrious for its filthy rich population.


was there a based picture of an anarcho-greenie with an AK in this thread deleted by jannies? or did I see it somewhere else kek

File: 1609369480647.jpeg (26.47 KB, 474x296, be crabgrass.jpeg)


What is a Hub?

A Hub connects people, affections, tools or common goals.

But it is also a package of seeds sent by mail, a book left on the bench of the square, an e-mail, a poem on the table of the cafeteria left at random.

A Hub is a territory populated by plants, animals, living beings with ties in a vast chain of connections. It is the art of meeting.

A vegetable garden that feeds a neighborhood, a wild forest that shelters protected beings from this withered world. A small library of books and records, of sounds and images connecting affections. Everything allows networks, Hubs.

Musical notes played by associates, a collective book and a bonfire of loves. Everything can be a Hub.

Autonomous places, where healthy food is produced, or conspiracies of knowledge, care medicine, that group of readings or mutual support, even friends on trails and hikes. There are so many possibilities of encounters!

A Hub is a box of useful tools, a thread bare from the system, a fissure of the hegemony of a gift that we will overcome.
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I have no skills, no friends, and no money. Please tell me where to go so I can be a drain that complains all the time at other peoples projects. How do I start a hub without any of the above?


Do like Jannies


you mean make hollow gestures that don't amount to anything in reality, but feel some like you did something and require the expending of some minor amount of time? i think i can do that.

File: 1607880473525.jpg (14.89 KB, 480x360, 24d45al.jpg)


Will I see Cascadia in my lifetime bros?
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You sure have a very settler attitude anon



Wetʼsuwetʼen. if youre gonna play ally then get it right, bruh


The settlers need to give land back to me. My heritage says that land is all mine, so it needs to be given back. Cultural heritage determines who has the right to what land. White and Asian settlers need to leave back to their own land with their own heritage.


Autocorrect striking where it hurts


>Lets remove all the black people from America since they inhabit stolen land

Uhhh anon?

File: 1604244380818.png (528.97 KB, 1920x1080, vgrs9gwyfncz[1].png)


so, how does this organizing thing gonna actually work. Is this just gonna be a (bunkerchan.xyz), but anarkiddy version or is this gonna actually be a way to organize groups and share info?

Has anyone got a group started to kick things off or is this just spreading info stage right now. Is their anyway to kick things off?
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Here is a good guide for starting a group in your area by neighborhood anarchists.


an incredibly easy thing that requires no effort at all would just be putting up some kind of public inhabit listing. for over a decade now everyone was walking around with the slingshot 'radical contact list' in their back pocket and it hasn't caused anyone problems really (other than the occasional oogle).


something so basic, that designates "This non-profit/social centre/bookstore/whatever in this city, has at least some interesting people involved in the project who thought to have it put on this list", but for inhabit or related tiqqunist projects. These hubs are already doing great work to bring in randos from their local neighborhood community and build up those kinds of ties, so I don't think there is anything that could be done much better on that front, a lot of these places have continuous churn/circulation in that localized sense. Even a low-key flag like this though could easily bring in a ton of outside circulation over several years. If even a few of the people engaging with the text in isolation/online turn out to be skilled with high energy it would be worth it.

Another thing to note if you are scared of this idea: That slingshot listing link HAS SEVERAL HUBS ON IT! If they aren't afraid to identify their project as "radical" why not identify as "hub"? Also, if being placed on a public listing would significantly undermine your entire project, that says a lot about the viability of the project in general.



There is no way that I would in a million years identify the (to give an example) "Community Arts & Media Project" from that slingshot listing as anything more than a bland community arts centre of which there are 100s in any given city. The fact that this one in particular was placed on that listing though, allows me to understand that I might run into interesting people at this one in particular.

The way the inhabit text is structured (to use an analogy): We are building churches, they follow these principles and ethos that we have laid out in our text, we hope to find new members and grow our church body! Build out your own church and join our eternal struggle young folks!

People: We have read the way, where shall we go to congregate with other believers?! Where shall we direct our energies?

*Silence* or we tell them, start by building your own church from scratch! good luck!
If churches operated how we do, they would die.


I think you'll really strike gold if you dont just limit this to those necessarily espousing orange aesthetics



Obviously, orange aesthetic folks are the extreme minority if we only engaged with them we would have almost nobody. I just wish they had more presence like every other type of project does.

File: 1609008576687.jpeg (16.34 KB, 600x600, lowqualitybait.jpeg)


You'll have to scale your mom's basement staircase first. But go ahead, jump that wall and enjoy the thpusands of 20mm lead exploding your flesh at 6,000 rounds per minute from one of the many M61 Vulcans and GAU-8s. A single one of these arms would mow down the entire block of people in less than 30 seconds, now imagine that x50, and that's just on the perimeter. You'd need 50,000 able bodied people to even cross the lawn, and even then they'd break out the big guns, the sound guns where EVERYONE in front of it would drop in pain.

File: 1608855570370.jpg (393.11 KB, 1424x1004, bara_katra_caravanserai.jpg)


>This ones not for the anit-civ's

I'm a big fan of urbanism, the process of centralization seemingly expressed in nearly all human societies in varying degrees
Urbanism = centrality of centers (societal centers, productive centers, etc.), this is more or less what sociologist Henri Lefebvre puts forwards and its can be used to explain how as a human society develops its productive forces it develops cities, the most concentrated forms of urbanity

Ur - Sumerian society
Babylon - Babylonian society
Thebes - Egypt
to name a few

A simple way to view contemporary urbanisms, those rife with alienation, pollution, generally in-human spaces, is that it is a bastardization of urban potential, where rather than increasing common accessibility through agglomeration and centralization of centers of necessity (food/housing/education/etc.) it increases separation (think of highways bifurcating cities or redlining)

In creating a better society we must produce spaces which can facilitate and reinforce the relations and values of the society (in the same way capitalist urbanism reinforce and reproduce capitalist relations/values). With general ecological sentiments in mind we can assume that the sky-scraper filled cities (Singapore, Dubai, New York) will not have a place in this new societies places.
What forms/characteristics could future spaces take?
What could we take from the settlement forms of pre-industrial societies?



Seems like the architecture is an unavoidable complication. Asphalt, concrete, and glass make cities hotter, and over the next ten years, the big megalopolises might be rendered uninhabitable as a result. So by necessity, any new urban center is going to have to rebuild or modify existing structures so they don't cook us alive.

Once we get that done (If we get that done), new centers of activity will sprout yup organically, I think.


Definitely, its a real wicked problem, and that's not even to go into the energy cost embedded in existing structures. I think you'll be right about centers growing organically post-revolution. I'm really interested in the idea of architecture/urbanism being used as "Social Condensers" which can facilitate that growth

File: 1608925756621.jpg (85.94 KB, 750x533, fuckyall.jpg)



File: 1606388260479.jpg (12.7 KB, 640x427, tumblr_90091e4ca4e8081e307….jpg)


we just need to accept it
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What does that star
even mean anymore. Everytime I see that shit I think of Warhammer 40K




hail Eris




if i just get depressed maybe it'll be less painful

File: 1608285748190.jpeg (266.14 KB, 1628x1008, Epc48GoXYAAeKMs.jpeg)


Is this Path B?


You wish


How is this different from co-op housing done normally?

File: 1608318919691.jpeg (104.24 KB, 850x520, 95435421.jpeg)


What do you call on for strength when Empire almost wins?

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