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Orange pill me on nuclear power


Yeah the sun is fine, i guess anon.
good for crops


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Bit conflicted about the topic. From CO2-perspective nuclear is kinda ok. Waste management is a different topic.


The problem is 1) how are you obtaining the radioactive elements required without exploiting miners, creating extractivist destruction and displacing those who live around mines
And 2) how do dispose of radioactive waste materials without long-term exposure of the environment to those poisons
Labor, extraction, surplus, it's always a bootstrapping issue and post-scarcity utopia is itself a cage to our imaginations and an obsession with logistics, production and the work machine.


i know i know


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> green power house

this uses wood waste (from a mill), burns it at a high temperature generating energy

and the C02 is funneled into an enclosed greenhouse/algae pool which is collected for use as fertilizer



Always great to see fantastic innovative eco designs only rich people can arrange in their expensive skyscraper penthouses!


Agreed, it's disheartening how much research and development in "sustainability" is done in the context of high technology and massive capital investment.

This article has some neat ideas about biomass fuels from another perspective: https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2020/09/how-to-make-biomass-energy-sustainable-again.html


The only real technical piece is the combustion chamber, which lasts basically forever

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