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ITT: prophetic doomposting on the imminent political farce and/or civil war




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> first 3 digit sequential post on orangechan, congrats anon

i would like to see proposals and plans for the new whitehouse commune written inside these picture frames, conveniently installed for this purpose, i can only assume


check em






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>Scaling the wall

>Belarus contested b**galoo

>New autonomous zone

>Nothing burger

What are yalls predictions?


Mass violence and riots regardless of who wins.

>trump wins

more libs get radicalized and search for ways to fight the system, in search of a path b type solution

>biden wins

proud boys, milita types, go more terrorists types attacks



as if the left is capable of violence lol


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>libs get rads
Im on this tip


Honestly I think if Trump wins it's gonna be libs/leftists get mildly rowdy in the street and are met with overwhelming violence from state security forces and/or paramilitaries. If Biden wins, I'm betting it'll be scattered right-wing terror plots and confrontational demonstrations that could either escalate or simmer down pretty quickly.


>> 122


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>> 138


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>> 122 oligarchs for the win


you can't put a space between the ">>" and the post number, newfriends

>based orange text



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>culture wars

Anon im fucking sick of them.
Its a war on spirit and i feel drained.


Trump has early vote count lead because all of his supports are voting today. He will declare victory and Democrats will fail to mount any resistance.

> fascism mode



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>>122 here for the memes


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>>122 watching the results like


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Its time.
Call on your God before you're put into the Blue Wave Corona camps.


File: 1604491505888.png (2.5 MB, 1559x1306, chudprison.png)



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c'mon, do the thing


Its time to admin the truth anons the entire revolt was a hoax organized by big democracy to resuscitate the social corpus via simulated civil war now what we need to do is gather our forces and go back to monkë


>falling for the civil war psyop
You're forgiven but make sure you tell the folks who think the Turks will back the "Trump Coup"
the same thing.


IN THE REAL WORLD… A and B are switched.

The reality is that with Trump we had an extra-governmental fascist paramilitary build up, under direct orders of their Orangeman. To take him out of power will help disable them, as they'll be pitted in a fight not against flimsy anarcho-liberals, but the FBI and co.


Question of the day:
Is this… Orange chan, or Orangeman chan?


do you mean biden going after disarming extra-state militas? doesn't that just bring us directly back to

>biden wins

proud boys, milita types, go more terrorists types attacks



orange man chan is twitter



>biden wins

proud boys, milita types, go more terrorists types attacks

All of those things just got way bigger under Trump, and I don't recall any significant Proud Boys presence before Trump's election. As these people got empowered by having The Don in the House, and they been acting under his wing, in a way.


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