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So we have our very own imageboard now, that's cool. Now we need to protect it, and that duty falls onto exactly three people: we, us and ourselves. Linked below is a pastebin link directing to a forked, but largely unedited, copy of the Gentleman's Guide to Forum Spies (Spooks, Feds, etc.). In a couple hours read you will have a basic understanding of how COINTELPRO and sister orgs operate on sites just like these, and also lots more handy information. WE HAVE THIS PLACE, A LITTLE CORNER OF CYBERSPACE, NOW DEFEND IT! Defend it or we WILL loose it.


I've seen fellow bastards read through motherfucking Hegel, and even if you didn't understand shit this is fucking nothing, little more than a manuscript. It's a safe bet that everyone here is self-taught, don't stop educating yourselves now!


as of now, the forum is to small to really be worth time, as it grows it will have to be taken into consideration.


why are you are so fucking stupid?





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