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tenants in my hood are organizing against a new lux condo project and have a well-planned cooperative housing project plan with lots of community support waiting in the wings. feels good man.

what's feeling good in your world anon?


post #200 feels good man


but in all seriousness, stoked about:

> The Undercommons & Destituent Power web-conference this weekend

> learned how to scrape websites with Python, gonna try to turn that into a useful info-aggregating tool
> indoor garden stronk


>info aggregating
seems quite interesting anon


I'm super excited for this!

Its too bad it has to be virtual but still real cool!
Any projects/people you're excited from hearing from anon?


It could be! My first experiment was trawling a cop forum for thread titles containing specific keywords. I'm considering having it look at stuff like RAND or similar research- and policy-oriented organizations (and send an alert when something relevant comes up), but I think the trickier part will be figuring out what might be worth listening for.

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