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theory posting – communism has been co-opted by the late bolsheviks and lenin(ism)

a communist tradition based in councilism (Pannekoek), leftcommunism (KAPD), anarcho-communism (POUM), and the situationists and currently found in the works of Gille Dauvé and the other communizers (endnotes is the main one i read) stands to reassert the liberatory content of communism

these currents make up a libertarian communism which has heavy overlaps with anarchism (especially communization theory which can be well described as a sort of insurrectionary synthesis of communism and anarchism)

these theories/traditions stand in opposition to leninism which gave communism a bad name by utilizing its rhetoric in the authoritarian project of the (post 1930) ussr/comintern and now stand in opposition to the bastardized "communism" of ML's and the sects of American MLism

what do anons think about all this? does this communism have any relevance today?


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I agree that the communism has been stolen by the reds but idc that much since this of newer autonomy/commons talk is much more refreshing compared to the meme twitter lefty shit.

>Does this have relevance today?

Yes. I think the situationists in particular still have a really relevant takes.
Especially now that culture jamming actually has become a part of the spectacle; with Empire sacrificing pawns and images in order to create false battles that it will itself resolve(like Trump).


I just wanna take it back. Fuck.


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I simply do not vibe with communism as an ideal for centering our analysis on as long as it represents the unity between currents of the Left. The fact is we (the Left) only want the same thing in the vaguest sense of the Negation of the current state of life. If you can call that communism then you can say I'm all for it. But if it is assumed as the inevitable march of progress, the means of that progress will be devastating.



>"we (the Left)"



feel like pure shite just want small c back



me too! i am only 17 but feel like a small c communist all my lives. why can't we have it back? we must unify to reclaim communism!

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