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What does it mean to be against/for Civilization? How do you define it personally? What authors/definitions do you subscribe to in your analysis?
This seems like an important question for pathB that is often avoided but constantly relevant. Can the Ungovernable be bracketed within what has been called Civilization?



Corrosive consciousness is better imo.

Civilization to me is the physical manifestation of the logic of domination, a collection of machines and living things acting in concert to surpress "wild tendencies". All physical things that can be subverted and attacked. So I kinda like to see all leaderless anti-state action, as action against civilization. I'd have to know what you mean by ungovernable though, because to me being ungovernable *IS* being anti-civ, but it sounds like the way you're using it is a bit more loaded desu.


Civilization: actually, it’s good!


It is a word with many definitions



Name one reason this is the case.


Going to the moon and not knowing everyone is kinda based sometimes

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