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glad to see admin here already removing posts


Yep it is always just more of the same when people start curating communities. "No you are posting all wrong! You have to live/think/act with affinity toward the commune hub discussion in the way WE say you should."


Whats getting removed?



You usual neonazi snowflakes, I presume.

Who else could it be?



it was a critique of the jannies.



Nice 360°!


Please do not turn this into Anews



never heard of it


Its an echo chamber for boomer anarcho-nihilists


I think that most people in anarchist/autonomist circles could be described that way. In the cities I've engaged with we are like 5% bloomers, 80% doomers, and 15% libs that wandered in and are confused about what is going on.


Reject the false dichotomy between bloomer and doomer



why are critiques of the jannies are being removed? such fragility


Any screenshots?


There is no such thing as a bloomer doomer, all doomers do is show up to meetings or events and complain while getting 0 work done. Fuck doomers.

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