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Will I see Cascadia in my lifetime bros?


I wouldn't rule it out





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Pic has the exact same northern and southern national borders.

Bravo, idiot.


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Land BACK, /d/udes

Settlers don't deserve and are not entitled to drawing up borders


the groups in that tribal images largely don't even exist anymore. u are saying we should give land to ghosts?


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Its pretty fucked, I definitely don't think that radically liberatory projects should be put in opposition to autonomy for still-existing tribal organizations though. The legacy of colonialism belongs to the USA state and those who support it, not the people who work against it. The undeniable fact that liberatory politics in the US is conducted mostly by white-folks is more a reflection of the ethnic reorganization the US has gone through since settler-colonization, there should be no conflict between white-radicals and indigenous-radicals.
That having been said mostly-white formations should probably not be creating visions of the future that do not take the self-organization of communities into account, but that's more a critic of being narrow sighted. I like dreaming too


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I think white radicals and their energy for building autonomy should be aimed at supporting indigenous movements for self determination and land defense. Preventing a pipeline through wetseweten land and stopping logging in pristine old growth are examples that deserve a lot of our energy.


I'm saying Decolonization should not be a secondary objective of liberation movements but -the- principle one.


maybe i will should decolonize myself back to euro and leave you to deal with your own pipeline issues.



Land back is the practical demand of autonomy, but it’s also a more dangerous freedom than the image that most woke activists imagine when they utter that term. Siding with Sioux or the Mohawk has political consequences within a cosmos of other natives and within their own play of hostilities, and I don’t think that’s what decolonial activists are willing to approach, so they keep land back a demand on-par with social media organized Venmo reparations. In such freedom, new friends and new enemies emerge, and the attempt to reanimate both the noble savage and the enlightened settler will both be a disgusting antique of liberalism. Learn the meaning of the AIM war song if you want to begin realistically inhabiting what land back will entail.


Land Back means LAND BACK! Self-determination for all peoples should be a guiding principle for most of us. Its how we conceptualize this self-determination as a break with the current society that makes it truly liberatory. I agree that joining together in struggles against pipelines, clearcuts and pit mines is a place to start, its where we can learn to really inhabit these abused lands.


Nope, you aren't allowed to inhabit stolen land. If you aren't native you need to leave simple as that, I don't care where you go. Justice for indigenous people is the only real autonomy, everything else is false. If you don't leave native lands then you are my enemy. Autonomy only exists for actual tribes.


You sure have a very settler attitude anon



Wetʼsuwetʼen. if youre gonna play ally then get it right, bruh


The settlers need to give land back to me. My heritage says that land is all mine, so it needs to be given back. Cultural heritage determines who has the right to what land. White and Asian settlers need to leave back to their own land with their own heritage.


Autocorrect striking where it hurts


>Lets remove all the black people from America since they inhabit stolen land

Uhhh anon?

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