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911, including non-emergency numbers, down for hours at up to 180-mile radius. Nashville Airport forced to briefly ground flights. Verizon and AT&T customers as far as Alabama and Atlanta, GA reporting continuing disrupted service. No known casualties.

This seems more like something the ELF would. Doesn't seem Islamic.




Overall this action is interesting and I'm sure we'll see more similar stuff in the coming years


Earth Liberation Front, radical environmentalists who in the US kinda morphed into Earth First!.
They were pretty active in the turn of the century but I had sort of written them off as long-gone despite there being more reason now for them than ever before.

It's definitely super interesting, I'm not opposed to it but without knowing why someone went through the effort to build a big-ass bomb I can't really say anything past that…


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Birdies talking about how the AT&T building that was targeted was a hub for NSA surveillance operations, which would make this explosion in fact based


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sorry i'm dumb and bad


The ELF!? lol

The (alleged) bomber died in their RV. Which says a lot about a potential spooky, dark subplot (i.e. a bomb got planted on the vehicle while the occupant was sleeping, for instance).

This is the US… any scenario is possible especially the bad ones because that's a sick society with myriads of sociopathic people with conflicting interests. Quit dreaming.

Anyone legit who would have done that bombing had to be desperate at best, or dumb, at worst. As not only the bombing has destroyed more than that AT&T building, but now city authorities will go down on RV street squatters and stealth campers due to them being potential terrorists.


> orangechan talking ELF b4 it gets tagged


> orangechan talking ELF b4 it gets tagged



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ummm what i meant was now there is an actual earth first tag at this weird natural gas line attack in aspen co, tho in my head it feels very… strange. idk idk but for the epstein nerds it looks like it took out the heating to les wexner's estate

(jannies feel free to delete those last misposts)



Wexner's main house is in Ohio… and he's put his Aspen mountain ranch for sale back in early 2019.

Still kinda cool action for how Aspen is notrious for its filthy rich population.


was there a based picture of an anarcho-greenie with an AK in this thread deleted by jannies? or did I see it somewhere else kek

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