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What is a Hub?

A Hub connects people, affections, tools or common goals.

But it is also a package of seeds sent by mail, a book left on the bench of the square, an e-mail, a poem on the table of the cafeteria left at random.

A Hub is a territory populated by plants, animals, living beings with ties in a vast chain of connections. It is the art of meeting.

A vegetable garden that feeds a neighborhood, a wild forest that shelters protected beings from this withered world. A small library of books and records, of sounds and images connecting affections. Everything allows networks, Hubs.

Musical notes played by associates, a collective book and a bonfire of loves. Everything can be a Hub.

Autonomous places, where healthy food is produced, or conspiracies of knowledge, care medicine, that group of readings or mutual support, even friends on trails and hikes. There are so many possibilities of encounters!

A Hub is a box of useful tools, a thread bare from the system, a fissure of the hegemony of a gift that we will overcome.

A Hub is the poetry that travels through the blog, or the box of vegetables and fruits delivered among the common people.

It is a game with children, listening to stories, weaving plots between different people. Sowing flowers and collecting love letters from people so far away.

A rebellion of many, an uprising of worthy anger, a strike against injustice, a scream in the night. There are so many ways to find us, it depends only on ourselves, after all, no one will come to save us, only an agent.

A Hub is a rock that produces sparks, a hope that Life can be different, Now.


I have no skills, no friends, and no money. Please tell me where to go so I can be a drain that complains all the time at other peoples projects. How do I start a hub without any of the above?


Do like Jannies


you mean make hollow gestures that don't amount to anything in reality, but feel some like you did something and require the expending of some minor amount of time? i think i can do that.

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