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>Right-wing insurgents breach the Capitol building

>Intending to occupy and escalate
>"Electric fence" Pence refuses to do the coup
>Trump is still pro-rubicon crossing but has little backing
>Police are going easy on protesters and not using tear gas or any riot munitions

Bets on the outcome /d/oomers?


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America is falling apart. Its destructive market-first logic will lead to its slow decline while Neo-China finally wins and begins to fulfill the cybernetic project. Its over before it started.


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> Nationalists ENTER the inside of the Capitol Building
>The culmination of years of 1776posting
>the overton window of violence has been pushed to storming governent buildings when a conspiracy is strong enough
>Climate change willl only make more collapse that will make stronger responses
>Tfw the destruction of America/Rebirth is now within your lifetime

I-I'm kinda scared bros


>Right-wing insurgents breach the Capitol building
>Intending to occupy and escalate

They didn't. They just wnet


>Right-wing insurgents breach the Capitol building

Not a "breach", you liar.

Your "insurgents" were fully allowed in by the cops. Footage of this is everywhere by now.



>I-I'm kinda scared bros




This'll come down as history's dumbest coup plot ever. Remembered as such for the centuries to come. Bravo retards, you got yerself a naaaame!


File: 1610117635163.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2048x1365, ErEwFTaVcAoFRxr.jpeg)

Whatever you would be praising this to high heaven if it was BLM parkouring into the senate. Why not just admit that it is kinda badass?


File: 1610117751414.jpeg (2.8 MB, 3024x4032, ErElEGcXMAE9RLq.jpeg)



Hey! Why not why not just admit TOM CRUISE is badass!?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX2gQsQElJY BadaSS CHUDs Yeaaaaaauuuhh!





Talkabout some butthurt under these Q underwear.


File: 1610226070474.png (573.95 KB, 576x720, thenoooo!.png)


Teh noooo!


So gracious! Thank you gentlepig… https://twitter.com/i/status/1346940066812276738


you guys are so fucking cute. remind me again why this is different from normie sjw leftism? oh wait nevermind it isn't you are all anarcho liberals having some schadenfreude at the expense of random hicks.

next time you are trying to connect up with your hick neighbors to work on a project together, share/borrow tools, or learn and exchange skills you should show them this thread. inhabit was doomed the moment it started because it can't disconnect itself from its smug sjw mentality to overcome differences. you are just leftists plain and simple.



>interpreting inhabit as a massive centralized program for freedom

Its literally a book, website and newsletter there's nothing to sperg about


File: 1610252026470.png (23.62 KB, 646x220, intro.png)


Hello! I'd just like to double-check with ya… I feel you might experience some butthurt from the quick collapse of your cheap attempt at promoting the controlled opposition of a bunch of MAGATS cripples so that maybe we'd be shocked by your O9A-style neonazi agenda. Here's your meth shot for relief, blondie, and comfort yourself with it in your big-ass straw men.

I'm also impressed that you finally can manage to write beyond brutish, imbecile one-liners for shock value, you silly shock trooper. Bye!

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