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When did you realize that this was all more simple than you initially thought?


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I read some things over ten years and it was enlightening. Then this year happened and it's all downhill from here.


I had that kind of realization, and then a bunch of time passed and I realized I was just being a dumb kid and it isn't actually all that simple.


care to share some of these realizations anon?


What is going on here? Anyone plz explain.


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>whats going on here

Nonsensical doomposts desu



Nice hat. Also cool you're pointing at the dude on my left.


> when i found a few friends to actively work on shit with and then all of a sudden felt a lot less need to argue in the trenches of online or academy
> when i realized talking about path b with strangers was actually easier than with people who i thought would "get it" the most bc they read a lot of philosophy or theory
> when i saw people in my family getting older and looking for their own co-exits from the nightmare
everything we need is already here



I don't get what there is to "get" about PathB. So I guess "nothing" makes it easier.


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Idk if there's any singular one take to have about "path B"

Me personally, I just dont want to die anymore. I want to live. And for me the affirmation of life can only happen with the negation of civilization.



Why do you have to negate society.


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My queerness begets bashing.
My desires to turn the world around me into a garden are met with confrontations with the police.
The economy forces me to work bullshit jobs or I starve.
I am one medical emergency from being ruined.

Empire has eaten everything and hides the truth: which to me, is that worlds that can be abundant and free.

Fuck hellworld


Having a day job that was mildly fulfilling but didn't pay much, followed by one(in the public sector) that paid a bit more and was the epitome of mediocracy : rule by a mediocre manager to follow rules that optimize for mediocre service in pursuit of the maintenance of an economic monopoly to the detriment of every single soul called a "client" to the exception of other corporate entities which were conveniently also called "clients".

"monopolism" is mediocracy is empire is blank

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