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What do /d/oomers think of this stuff written by people in the midwest?


>The Next Eclipse is a challenge to build the capacity for regional autonomy in this time between the eclipses. By “autonomy,” we mean the possibility of a life outside the existing economic and political relations, the possibility of a dignified, free, and equal life here in southern Illinois.



It is funny, I would never say this to those peoples face but behind an anonymous mask I'll say this: They are one of the strongest and most productive places of this entire project, they outshine (in often surprising ways) most of the major cities that participate in this kind of crap. They are extremely resourceful and just all around great people. They act like they are the underdogs when you talk to them because they are in such a small town, but this mentality has led them to overperform everyone else. If every small town in America had a crew as competent and passionate as The Next Eclipse folks, the fantasy that Inhabit writes about would actually become real. A lot of the Inhabit people (you know who you are) treat the next eclipse folks like they are some side project of a rando crew because they haven't ever bothered to go there and see how much has been accomplished.

That said, their writing is weak! I'm sure they will get better with time and practice but I don't like the pieces that they have written thus far. The writing does not do justice to how well their project is going.


Maybe we can get a thread going here about regional manifestations of Inhabit? Because I'd never heard of these guys before.


Most of them are too much in sekrit clubhouse mode to ever list themselves on someplace like here, just ask someone to introduce you.


there's a good reason. it'd be really really really dumb to dox yourself on an image board.


>public facing buildings and social centers that randos from the public are welcome to wander into.
>entries listed on google maps with open hours
>"Look, we need to keep this shit secret guys, what about dox"



I don't think that posting your website on an imageboard counts as doxxing. Seems like it'd be a good way to meet like-minded folks.


god sometimes anarchists are so paranoid. that paranoia will get ya sooner than any cop or proud boy.

the state doesn't care about about a bunch of white anarchists trading zines and shoplifting 🙄🙄🙄


Hey, they also do hobby gardening, tool shares, and community dinners! The state designates these activities and all who perpetrate them as public enemy number one. It is better that this stuff be kept under wraps, you never know when an agent will wander in to share some vegetables or join the 50,000th attempt at doing a reading group on "Caliban and The Witch".


>>552 earnest question, why are you here?



I don't wanna answer for 552 but I think you commies are taking yourselves wayyyy too seriously.


>>554 trips says maybe it's you who are talking yourself way too seriously



trip says no u

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