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Is path b distinct from anarchism and leftist ideology? a lot of radical ppl I talk to see it as anarchism but then normies dont usually but seem to see it as k back to the land, or commune-ist, or really whatever radical thing they are already familiar with.

I think it’s not leftist because path b doesn’t call for revolution to destroy the state or take power, but socially “exit a dying civilization”. Its still hard seeing what this means, but I think it feels different to most ppl from anarchism that wants to destroy society or socialist that wants to make it work better.


>its still hard see what this means

Based. I think there's been intentional room left for the person interacting with Path B to see how they
relate to it and what emerges amount of contacting Path B's propositions.

What kind of things do you picture OP when thinking about "exiting a dying civilization"?


out of*



What do you think Path B is, OP?

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