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how's covid governance going in your territory /d/oomers? :/ here there's still a curfew every evening before the sun even goes down, and most anti-curfew sentiments will get you called a crypto-fascist by liberals and leftists. however a popular revolt is also underway and growing, mayday should be pretty interesting.

anyone seen any anti covid governance activity getting any traction successfully outside of right-coded spaces? or have any luck infiltrating or engaging with other mobilizations? i know in many places restrictions are mostly lifted / non-existent, but for the rest of us- are we just waiting this out? feels like shit


In America things feel semi normal. The massive scale of the rollout of the vaccine has made people be completely fine with acting as if its all over. Most people still wear masks and social distance, but its becoming more and more common to see people not do those things. Parties and bars packed with people. Its still going on and as Americans revel in the freedom of "the end of lockdown" the rest of the world doesn't have access and suffers. Never lived under a curfew during the whole pandemic. Rural America really didn't change that much besides masks and the economic effects from the lockdwon. Crazy to think how different the American experience has been as opposed to even other European countries with real lockdowns and curfews and only be able to literally go to the grocery store once a week. Life changed, but is also shockingly similar to everything that happened before it.


My country never had a lockdown, the only thing that really has been banned are large gatherings of people, which mostly affects stores and music concerts

>anyone seen any anti covid governance activity getting any traction successfully outside of right-coded spaces?

The only ones who oppose the government measures against covid are new age boomers and neo-nazis. Because apparently the freedoms we've enjoyed compared to the rest of the world aren't enough

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