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I think pacifism cannot change the actual state of things. I read about violence and I think it can help pushing our politics if done correctly, cibling strategics sectors.
But I am not someone violent.
My main problem is that i am incapable of physical violence or harm someone. I hate fascist but I don't lie to myself and know I can't win in a streetfight against one of them. I already tried a martial art but I get my ass kicked 2 times (wasn't fascists, just some bastard who want to hit and rob someone).
In these situation I just can't hit them, my brain blocked my body.
This incapacity to be violent make me question my political beliefs about violence. Am I a stupid bastard who as a juvenile political vision ? How can you be more capable of violence ?


It makes sense to me to support violence but have your own feelings about
it that aren't visceral pleasure, I think alot of people who even train in fighting
rather not get *into* fights. If you want to learn to fight, practice! If you don't do somethin'


there's no reason to think that proletarian revolution, or "destitution" whatever, will resemble the outright violence of bourgeois revolutions.
The Feudal system relied on overt and constant violence, in the truest meaning of the word, to maintain itself. Because of this, the show of force used in bourgeois revolutions was appealing to the masses as it was already a legitimate tactic of the ruling ideology.
Whereas the capitalism system relies on implicit violence of poverty and what that entails–starvation, homelessness, etc.

Rather than outright violence, the system is better attacked by cybercrimes against the wealthy and finding ways to diminish their wealth. Simply killing them will only change who the capitalists are, not capitalism itself.

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