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I think pacifism cannot change the actual state of things. I read about violence and I think it can help pushing our politics if done correctly, cibling strategics sectors.
But I am not someone violent.
My main problem is that i am incapable of physical violence or harm someone. I hate fascist but I don't lie to myself and know I can't win in a streetfight against one of them. I already tried a martial art but I get my ass kicked 2 times (wasn't fascists, just some bastard who want to hit and rob someone).
In these situation I just can't hit them, my brain blocked my body.
This incapacity to be violent make me question my political beliefs about violence. Am I a stupid bastard who as a juvenile political vision ? How can you be more capable of violence ?


It makes sense to me to support violence but have your own feelings about
it that aren't visceral pleasure, I think alot of people who even train in fighting
rather not get *into* fights. If you want to learn to fight, practice! If you don't do somethin'

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