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stop by above the clouds, come by here whenever you like
anything on your mind, anon?
right now i'm thinking about the best way to divide time between learning new things and keeping up with my old habits. sometimes it feels like i've been spending so much time learning, but not as much time remembering. finding stuff and navigating the net seems more cumbersome, stuff like that. nothing that a dedicated afternoon won't fix.


also on a weird kick of trying to become more productive. one of my current subjects of interest is whether psychiatry will ever return to a model of the mind where intelligence is considered something that is cultivated. pristine inner experience research combined with new information about neurodivergent conditions has me constantly thinking about it. i begin to question constantly whether anything in psychiatry is as crystallized as we believe it to be on the cultural level.


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Trying to align time constraints and raw material possibilities, desires and needs.

Greatly enthused at the fact that scottian High Modernism seems to be on the up in elite circles, greatly enthused there are many things laying on the ground for people to pick up and use.

Mostly trying to figure out how to be closer to others in the doing rather than in waiting patiently

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