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I'm putting together a small guide on emergency preparedness for a local little group. It's centered around preparedness for the everyday person, so the emphasis is on affordable tools that require little expertise. I think it's a worthy project and a good one, but I'd like to include some information about long-term sustainability, not just surviving a disaster but actually developing resilience. I'm completely useless when it comes to food cultivation. No background in it and no patience for it, so I was hoping you fine people might be able to share some good introductory resources on backyard gardening, especially if it's biointensive or organic. I know I can't fit a comprehensive guide to horticulture in a small pamphlet, but any sort of information I could share about getting people into it would be greatly appreciated.
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Are Helen and Scott Nearing /our guys/?
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is this just like an eco fascist thing i saw it on twitter or is it just like weird anarchists
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Guerilla Gardening General /GGG/

Thread topics:

> How are your plants doing

> What have you planted recently
> Seed trade/Seed gifting
> Dealing with the local gov/assholes

How's your Friday /eco/?
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Light Clay Building Technique

Hi. I'm not sure how this works, but in the interest of furthering the exploration here, I add a little-known gem here. You will not find not much about this building technique in the English language and much less on English-language internet. Most of it is in German and practiced by people not very interested in books to be honest. So here's a short version in case someone might want to use this and can try to dig deeper.

Review of the book: "Bauen Mit Leichtlehm: Handbuch Für Das Bauen Mit Holz Und Lehm"
Have not read this book, but have worked with the technique it describes and heard this was the best handbook out there. It describes a type of natural building technique called "Light Clay" (Leichtlehm) which is ecologically sound with great insulation properties, as well as providing a breathable membrane to the house by diffusing gasses from inside to outside (both water vapor and toxic compounds, which is a structural pest in modern buildings). It is also immensely low-tech, uses materials that can often be sourced extremely locally and the whole structure of the building is practically compostable. What I like about the technique is it lends itself easily to straight building structures and doesn't automatically end up in the Hobbit-like clay structures you find in much COB aesthetics. We built most of a two-storey house in Light Clay.
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forest gardening

Edible Forest Gardens, Vol 1 &2, essential book for forest gardening, temperate-centric with examples and species lists but very helpful for any climate


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Familiarize yourself, if you haven't already, with the USDA Cooperative Extension program. Universities in your state have relevant information for your growing zone and plenty of resources for what thrives well. They also offer classes and courses, but who knows for how much longer, so get in while you can.

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Fruit Trenches: Cultivating Subtropical Plants in Freezing Temperatures

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Where should i plant a forest this spring / summer?

I will have 200-300 seedlings of pine trees and I want input on where to plant them.

Canada prefered cuz then i don't have to cross borders to plant a forest
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ag = civ

agriculture is the literal foundation of civilization. this doesn't change because a bunch of smelly white hippies write books about it
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lo tek high cool

video: https://twitter.com/animal0lovers/status/1325417210882371584
anyone know more about this particular tarp condensation technique or where its being used? and/or your fav extremely sick lo tek innovations and interventions!
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Got any good ideas on what to start encouraging/promoting for a hearty protein source in the midwest? Nuts? Lots of Nuts?
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mods are asleep, post yaupon holly

what are you gonna drink in the morning once climate change has destroyed coffee production and it costs $50/bag?

pic related
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Regenerative planting

I really want to know about chestnut trees
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Arid Lands

wondering what insights, experiences, resources people might have re: arid lands. Going to dump some books I've found helpful below.

(pic related is first - Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands & Beyond by Brad Lancaster)
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