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Got any good ideas on what to start encouraging/promoting for a hearty protein source in the midwest? Nuts? Lots of Nuts?




Nuts and legumes, basically. If you're talking about encouraging/promoting initiatives to grow more of those, it's probably easier to focus on legumes (in the short-term, at least) because they tend to be faster-growing with higher yields and greater protein content.


what's your growing zone




5 my dude 🌲

Also, have u read much on how the zones will shift bc climate change? And are u thinking about that where u are?



you civ cucks need to forget about this shit and start a foraging forum

im not even a primmo or a luddite, but see the problems

or at least lets get a robust debate going about whether or not horti/agriculture leads to civilization or at the least proto-states




please feel free that sounds great, what is this


Civilisation ain't the problem, mate, unless you're defining any group of people with an organizing ethos a "civilisation."


Tf is "organizing ethos" supposed to mean
Civilization is


primmie can't into computer

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