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agriculture is the literal foundation of civilization. this doesn't change because a bunch of smelly white hippies write books about it


civilization is chill




Agriculture isn't the same as horticulture.



Permaculture is not a portmanteau of the words "permanent" and "horticulture" dipshit


Well I like growing stuff, so who cares?



Just growing shit? Who cares?

"Growing shit" is an industrial mining process.

Humans growing shit has wrecked the planet.

But yeah, who cares.


Glad you agree!


Ag refers to massified cultivation; mass production of particular food products. this will always require surplus labor (even if it is crystalized in tractors, seeders, threshers). Companion planting, no-till, biodynamic farming, etc. (what I assume op's hippies are writing about) has use for horticulturists but ultimately is applied mostly to organic agriculture which is on a scale that still depends on modern forms of slavery.
ag = civ


>>33 ""Growing shit" is an industrial mining process."

Holy fuck, this is loaded.

So if I grow a few plants by my room's window, I'm doing industrial mining. Better get on the stock exchange soon!

Also learn more about "com-mu-ni-ca-ting online", stupids. You guise read like a bunch of 12 year olds.


Lmao wut



So stop eating if you don't like it, oh wait.

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