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wondering what insights, experiences, resources people might have re: arid lands. Going to dump some books I've found helpful below.

(pic related is first - Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands & Beyond by Brad Lancaster)


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Permaculture: a Designer's Manual

about 1/5 of this tome is a section on various strategies for deserts, whether they're arid grasslands, dune fields, or rocky expanses. Most of the rest (pattern understanding, climate, etc.) can be applied directly to any place, and elements of the temperate, cold, and tropical sections can also be mined for information useful to our ends. just a good one to have in your toolkit for anybody!


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Sowing Seeds in the Desert

Fukuoka puts forward a provocative vision of an accelerated dispersal of species worldwide - suggesting that the best way to "repair" the runaway effects of anthropogenic disturbance and desertification would be to encourage "invasives" to naturalize, even when they outcompete native species


Land is arid for a reason

Time to go back to munke


Land is arid for a reason

Time to go back to munke


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a really accessible tour of some of the planet's most effective technologies for growing food in drylands, and the cultures they emerged with

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