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video: https://twitter.com/animal0lovers/status/1325417210882371584
anyone know more about this particular tarp condensation technique or where its being used? and/or your fav extremely sick lo tek innovations and interventions!


Cannot point to specifics at the moment but this group publishes the coolest shit on low-tech solutions: https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/


>low tech mag
King shit anon. I

I'm not sure I'm in the right climate for condensation tarp stuff. Is that suited more for more temperate or tropical areas?


seems like it should work anywhere theres any amount of dew, which is like most places i think? you just gotta knock it down before the sun evaporates it all off again so probably requires an early morning round with a handful of tennis balls or sticks and a solid throwing arm

+>9000 on lowtech mag. its a solar powered website too, and they made a print ‘book’ as a backup to access the website when its cloudy outside of barcelona and the servers are down ;)

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