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is this just like an eco fascist thing i saw it on twitter or is it just like weird anarchists


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Its an imageboard.


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> welcome anon, get orange with it


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>FUCK 12



to give you an unironic answer it's weird anarchists that are too far up our own ass to wanna be called anarchists. read the book


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>FUCK 12



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Its for those walking on Path B


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>Why yes, I dont call myself an anarchist, how could you tell?



Who the fuck is that clown in the pic?





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Plast is a joiboi who is probably running this site, who tried to run other free services online. He is a freetard inhabit crustpunk 20yo.


More unironic answer. This board is a place to discuss, post & connect. Trying to repurpose the tools we have access to a share new ones. Inhabit’s basic premise is the apocalypse is already here, and we’re a cross roads between the a path to the abyss (path a) and a path to a new form of freedom, coincidently built on bonds.

Politics is mostly garbage. Socialism will try to remake the state, the far right especially eco-fascists, are a nihilist LARP. We need something radically different, REAL, and with values that break the blackmail of capitalism. Our enemy is not the right or left. That’s an old polarity that keeps us stupid. they are ultimately powerless, because power is infrastructure not policy. Our enemy is the force that makes up Silicon Valley because they are who are inheriting the reigns of an order without foundation or principle, and who are constructing the infrastructure of daily life. Their vision of the world is one without human or animal agency, without the freedom we hold dear.

I hope that helps anon



What if we have no skills, tools, or money, and no ability to gain any? What do we do then? Sit around and complain online? we are so cool.


One thing that’s kind of different about inhabit’s vision of revolution is it expects more from you. You have to make yourself stronger, gain skills, and develop your capacities and confidence. Yeah we’re all dealt shitty hands, some worse than others, but how you’re going to see and use your talents is up to you. I saw some one angry about some inhabit tweet saying “they just want us to be decent people” but think about pathetic most people on the left are. The bar is pretty low. Starting from becoming a decent person might actually be the first step to doing something extraordinary, or at least demonstrating there’s other ways to fight and build than being the self-serving miserable person who actually cant do anything, much less help other people when the power goes out, which is what most people think about when they think of activists, anarchists, antifa and the left.

Like you don’t need money to seize the skills hat have been taken from you, but you do need initiative, and I’m happy people on /eco got some to spare



Fuck your Orange Revolution, brotha. You're like 20 years old and think you just invented "changing the world", with same old Communard/Appelista crap except with your rebranding everywhere?

Haha. Silly…

"Starting from becoming a decent person"

3x "Haha".

Start by NOT being a racist, homophobic and ableist scumbag the Aplanet IRC, or allowing such conduct because "we don't wanna be the cops!".

You clowns are a joke. It is *showing*… just quit pretending it's not.


I choose pathA if it means getting away from you retards.



I’m in my ‘40s, man.

I don’t know what all the other things you’re talking about are, but I read that Call/Appel booklet more than a decade ago, and see the connection, but all the other things I don’t get. Why are you so upset? why did you go from asking about skills to this confusing “start by not being a racist/homophobe, etc”? I don’t think anyone thinks they invented changing the world. But I do think what people are getting at is a really different vision of revolution than most the left. One that takes the ecological, economic, and existential crises as a singular epochal truth, and concludes that building a revolution must face up to that at a personal and collective level. I’m kind of too old to waste a ton of time explaining this if you don’t feel it. And it’s cool if you need edgy political adjectives, or identity politics to validate your experience, I think you should do it. But I think you’ll find those people are miserable and live impoverished lives. I’m more interested in how working people with families, people with crazy technical skills, and people who haven’t been poisoned by politics might link up, cultivate joy, and figure out a way out of a dead civilization.


he was making the incorrect assumption that you are the 20yo kid running this site, and made insults that were meant to be directed at that singular person. the kid dumbass who called into the anarchybang podcast like 50 times talking about inhabit and tech is who he s talkin about


Confused as why you're not at bunkerchan posting on /dead/


I can't really imagine a circumstance in which it's impossible for someone to gain any skills whatsoever.


Like what am I going to do? Spend my only day off from my job sitting around canning some tomatoes or something when I can buy sauce for a couple dollars? Not everyone here is some larper who thinks the world is going to collapse tomorrow. I'd rather spend my time elsewhere.



> I’m more interested in how working people with families, people with crazy technical skills, and people who haven’t been poisoned by politics might link up, cultivate joy, and figure out a way out of a dead civilization.

Holy fuck… how is this NOT an overt call for yet more FALGSC between civcuck yuppies with barbershop beards and private makerspaces?


Get a job where you can slack off more.


terminally irony-poisoned reply



>Just alter your life significantly so you have more time to do canning and larp. What if instead of that I just want to have politics that doesn't involve wasting my time on dumb shit?


get all your friends and teach them how to can shit

start a garden and grow a thousand tomatoes, can them, and have public canning workshops

but before any of that, take your goddamn horse blinkers off


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Can someone give me a rundown on your indoctrination literature? Where to download books, etc.
Not giving some random french hipsters my money through amazog.



Anti-communist imperialist trash. Just visit marxists.org comrades


Fuck you, we aren't marxist.




Okay, comrade


I was more asking about orange book this place associates itself with.


The orange book is just inhabit.global and inhabit.global is the orange book

Secretly there might be some lineage to be traced if you look hard enough at various search terms such as "storming the breach hurricane party" and "how to start a fire zine"



the lineage is blatantly obvious "ohh who could it be writing this ooowowow" yeah we know it is you guys.


>that's the joke




I honestly liked this piece better than inhabit, I wish they had decided to push this book really hard instead of inhabit. This book has much more actual content while roughly getting across the same message the authors were trying to give off in inhabit.


pls someone post the book Im not gonna enable js


Yo. WTF is this site?! It's fucking terrible; it's full nu-4dit or Faceboomer memes and people who barely know how to use imageboards. Even 4dit /an/ have more serious discussions than here lol. Does exist a more decent imageboard that have an /an/ or /eco/ board?


Oh, forgot to add in the last sentence "that aren't dead."



Only retarded children use imageboards anyway, even at the best of times everyone on an imageboard is random losers who have no friends who are under 23yo. If you are complaining that the imageboards you are encountering are all nothing but retards maybe take a look in the mirror and realize that it is time for you to grow out of this retarded internet culture. it is nothing but a endless waste of time and useless discussions. Go hang out with your friends and work on projects, literally do anything other than hanging out on an imageboard or forum.

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