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All things related to creation and refining techniques!

Building, milling, casting, fixing and everything else(as long as its not /comp/ related posts) are welcome in /tek/.

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First post wooo~

Also I don't know if this is the right board but I came across this pic on a Telegram channel and it gives me Path B vibes. What do y'all think?



Techie idiots trying to reproduce nature for leaving the planet when all they gotta do is to quit destroying it.


I fucking love science


Also, fuck "science".

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More details plz or else this is just gay Apple revenge porn.


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Design thread?

Starting with picrel

Idk what you call this but id like to see alternatives to this


File: 1609792038762.jpg (430.04 KB, 1046x1307, whosestreets.jpg)



Someone who DL acid techno off of what.cd 15 years ago is now ironically rebranding the CIA.

Crazy how close it is BSA and inhabit

You seen trendlist.org? There might be some alts growing. I like the trend of humanistic typography mixed with sort of subtly wrong sans serifs I see on are.na all the time


Got any examples? We're on an imageboard after all.



Hipster edgelord CONFIRMED.

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Are folks printing 5.56 lowers yet or is it still just the .22s? What's the best file for those as it stands?
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Okay, nice funs with your plastic toy guns made with 3D printers that I'M SURE EVERYONE CAN AFFORD.

But whatabout ammo? Newsflash, idiot, you can't print that.

In most countries I know with gun control, ammo is equally controlled. Governmentz usually aren't dumb when it comes to that stuff, And crafting ammo is more complicated than crafting a gun from the hardware store…


File: 1609048490522.jpg (59.06 KB, 1280x720, gunch.jpg)

Disavow a lifetime’s worth of cynicism and resentment, dawg. People are cracking this shit open and every day it gets easier and more intuitive and cheaper to do. You can pick up a 3d printer now for ~$200 or the next time we're in a moment of rupture you can grab one. Do you think you're literally the first person to think about ammo? No, plenty of other people saw the need and thought about what to do about it instead of calling strangers on the internet idiots for thinking better things are possible. This shit gets better literally every day.



Powder-actuated nail guns use what are essentially blank rounds of ammunition to drive fasteners into concrete. The cartridges are readily available on the shelves of most hardware stores.


Was going to post this, glad someone else did. Tons of people are experimenting with ways to make ammunition. Naysayers need to fuck off and use some of the energy they are wasting whining on the internet to actually build shit and solve hard problems. Armchair inhabit whiners can fuck right off, only builders/experimenters allowed here.


I'm acquainted w/ a 5.56 (wylde) AR-15 built on a PLA+ U-bolt Vanguard. 400 rounds of mixed 5.56 and .223 and it's still going strong.

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any sailors out there? i'm learning to sail and fix up a boat with a small crew
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if anyone is looking for daydream fodder, i highly recommend "sailing the farm" by kenneth neumeyer. it's all about living on a sailboat autonomously and self-sustaining, including making your own equipment and growing food. it's got some occasional cringey gen-x style "fuck the rat race" asides but is full of good info

file is too large to attach so i'm linking instead: https://avoid.rocks/static/files/sailfarm.pdf


I'll help you only if I'm invited on board.



Lemme guess…it's got floater-compressor powered by two bikes that some of your slaves will pedal while you impress them with your beautiful "DIY" art on pleroma?

Fuck off forever, yuppie dick.


Why are you being so hostile for absolutely no reason? What is the point? People are trying to share cool ideas with each other, why do you have to tear them down while providing nothing of substance back? Fuck You.


>>43 merry christmas anon

File: 1604269230200.jpg (73.72 KB, 600x800, pocketchipiratebox.jpg)



Did this using a $75 Pocket C.H.I.P. (before Next Thing Co. went bankrupt).
Sadly that original maintainers of the piratebox project are discontinuing the project but I hope that others will keep it going. Librarybox is still going strong though. I even have it charged using a portable solar panel + battery pack.
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File: 1605695250925.jpg (295.23 KB, 1920x2560, zsun.jpg)

>Pocket C.H.I.P.
>cheapest piratebox



UwU, wat dis?


Any details on this? I would love a cheaper piratebox for sure



we must know what this is, anon


Not the anon you're replying to, but if you Google "zsun" you'll get some results about the "Zsun Wi-fi Memory Card Reader", and if you Google "zsun piratebox" you'll get a guide to putting it all together.


It's essentially a wireless router with Micro-SD card storage, about as large as a typical USB drive. But It looks like it's no longer in production.

The good news is that you can probably make a Piratebox for under $20-$30 through a variety of other hardware, since it should run on pretty much anything that can support OpenWRT.


File: 1604342032445.jpg (188.61 KB, 687x900, signal-2020-11-02-112554.jpg)


does anyone have the instructables for this set up?
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the sandals in particular


Nice retro-cheapo-futurism style. Will likely be trending for Spring 2021.


I don't know anything about the helmet, but you can enter "Luty"+"Expedient"+"Homemade" into the search engine of your choice for information about the object the gentlemen is holding.

File: 1604292065172.png (313.72 KB, 440x287, pile_of_parts.png)


Where do y'all buy your components?

And do you buy them in bulk? I'm looking for places where I can get cheap single-board PCs, routers, etc.

Being in south east asia, is alibaba a good place to get them?



>Where do y'all buy your components?

Imma big fan of aliexpress, most /comp/ related shit can be bought there pretty cheap.

>cheap single-board PCs

Orange Pis for raspi stuff and arduino knockoffs for embedded shit is what I would get.


Seconded for AliExpress and OrangePi, though it seems like certain OrangePi models are really hard to find or no longer in production.

For routers, it depends on what you need exactly. Getting old refurbished Wireless-N routers on eBay or Newegg or Amazon might be the cheapest option.

I recently tried to DIY a cheap router solution based on an SBC running OpenWRT, but once you tally up the additional costs like an SD card and USB wi-fi adapter, it comes out to about the same cost as buying some cheap/used off-the-shelf device. YMMV.



I'll be on the lookout for them knockoff SBC's.


Maybe I wrote the wrong thing, I'm mainly looking for cheap ways to give an SBC some wireless connectivity for meshnet-type stuff


In that case, I'd recommend you get cheap USB wi-fi adapters and replace the antennas with something designed for outdoor use and longer distances.

File: 1604259785142.jpg (121.31 KB, 368x806, Image-480667.jpg)


Easy way to turn normal water bottle into effective eye irrigation tool. Be sure to recycle after each person due to the pandemic. Stay safe!


direct link to the 3d printer plans: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4429528


thanks im gonna get a few dozen of these printed. I expect they will come in handy sooner rather than later

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