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Design thread?

Starting with picrel

Idk what you call this but id like to see alternatives to this
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This is giving me Path B vibes

First post wooo~

Also I don't know if this is the right board but I came across this pic on a Telegram channel and it gives me Path B vibes. What do y'all think?
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3d printed ar lowers

Are folks printing 5.56 lowers yet or is it still just the .22s? What's the best file for those as it stands?
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any sailors out there? i'm learning to sail and fix up a boat with a small crew
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Did this using a $75 Pocket C.H.I.P. (before Next Thing Co. went bankrupt).
Sadly that original maintainers of the piratebox project are discontinuing the project but I hope that others will keep it going. Librarybox is still going strong though. I even have it charged using a portable solar panel + battery pack.
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new rig

does anyone have the instructables for this set up?
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Where do y'all buy your components?

And do you buy them in bulk? I'm looking for places where I can get cheap single-board PCs, routers, etc.

Being in south east asia, is alibaba a good place to get them?
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Easy way to turn normal water bottle into effective eye irrigation tool. Be sure to recycle after each person due to the pandemic. Stay safe!
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First post
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am i doing it right

should design talk be in tek or comp?
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Welcome to /tek/!

All things related to creation and refining techniques!

Building, milling, casting, fixing and everything else(as long as its not /comp/ related posts) are welcome in /tek/.