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Anything related to creation and the technique surrounding it are welcome here.

House building, 3d printing and any other DIY related subjects belong on this board.

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any sailors out there? i'm learning to sail and fix up a boat with a small crew


hi, what you want to know?


heya, nothing super specific yet, just seeing if there are other ppl out there who practice sailing as a form of degrowth-oriented transport, living, or recreation. there are lots of old, cheap boats out there & i'm finding it surprisingly accessible. our crew's dream is to build up our skills to the point where we can easily pick up abandoned boats and fix them up to the point where we have our own small fleet. v interested in finding other radical sailing communities out there – is the sailing anarchy forum worth checking out?

the projects that are making me sweat the most for the winter though are fixing the prop stuffing box and reglassing the cabin floors. i'm really hoping we can still find a way to DIY it…



I've never been sailing, but I gotta say, that sounds like a dream, anon. When I was tending bar, the customer who had the coolest-sounding job was the guy who would fly up to Nantucket and sail rich peoples' boats down to Florida, where he would then drive their RVs back up to Nantucket. I would love to be an anarchist pirate.


if anyone is looking for daydream fodder, i highly recommend "sailing the farm" by kenneth neumeyer. it's all about living on a sailboat autonomously and self-sustaining, including making your own equipment and growing food. it's got some occasional cringey gen-x style "fuck the rat race" asides but is full of good info

file is too large to attach so i'm linking instead: https://avoid.rocks/static/files/sailfarm.pdf

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Did this using a $75 Pocket C.H.I.P. (before Next Thing Co. went bankrupt).
Sadly that original maintainers of the piratebox project are discontinuing the project but I hope that others will keep it going. Librarybox is still going strong though. I even have it charged using a portable solar panel + battery pack.
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Sick. I've always thought the Piratebox was neat, but could never figure out a good use-case for it other than as a novelty. One thing I considered was mounting weatherproof solar-powered mini-servers in public spaces and using them to distribute digital materials and PDFs and shit, but again, a lot of effort and resources for something that probably wouldn't even get used.

THIS is fucking cool, I'd like to see more details!


Yeah, the Framework for the irabu Box includes local storage. You can easily scale it up with an SD card. I have one running right now with 516GB. In my city we were able to use one as a local network for an Occupied zone. The main use was distributing educational materials, Updates about police activity, Pictures of chuds who had been threatening camp.

As physical space is liberated it's important to have a free virtual layer on top.



File: 1605695250925.jpg (295.23 KB, 1920x2560, zsun.jpg)

>Pocket C.H.I.P.
>cheapest piratebox



UwU, wat dis?

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does anyone have the instructables for this set up?
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the sandals in particular


Nice retro-cheapo-futurism style. Will likely be trending for Spring 2021.


I don't know anything about the helmet, but you can enter "Luty"+"Expedient"+"Homemade" into the search engine of your choice for information about the object the gentlemen is holding.

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Where do y'all buy your components?

And do you buy them in bulk? I'm looking for places where I can get cheap single-board PCs, routers, etc.

Being in south east asia, is alibaba a good place to get them?



>Where do y'all buy your components?

Imma big fan of aliexpress, most /comp/ related shit can be bought there pretty cheap.

>cheap single-board PCs

Orange Pis for raspi stuff and arduino knockoffs for embedded shit is what I would get.


Seconded for AliExpress and OrangePi, though it seems like certain OrangePi models are really hard to find or no longer in production.

For routers, it depends on what you need exactly. Getting old refurbished Wireless-N routers on eBay or Newegg or Amazon might be the cheapest option.

I recently tried to DIY a cheap router solution based on an SBC running OpenWRT, but once you tally up the additional costs like an SD card and USB wi-fi adapter, it comes out to about the same cost as buying some cheap/used off-the-shelf device. YMMV.



I'll be on the lookout for them knockoff SBC's.


Maybe I wrote the wrong thing, I'm mainly looking for cheap ways to give an SBC some wireless connectivity for meshnet-type stuff


In that case, I'd recommend you get cheap USB wi-fi adapters and replace the antennas with something designed for outdoor use and longer distances.

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Easy way to turn normal water bottle into effective eye irrigation tool. Be sure to recycle after each person due to the pandemic. Stay safe!


direct link to the 3d printer plans: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4429528


thanks im gonna get a few dozen of these printed. I expect they will come in handy sooner rather than later

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First post




the power of justice!

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should design talk be in tek or comp?


I think design is a creative pursuit and therefore should be in /tek/


definitely tek

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