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Did this using a $75 Pocket C.H.I.P. (before Next Thing Co. went bankrupt).
Sadly that original maintainers of the piratebox project are discontinuing the project but I hope that others will keep it going. Librarybox is still going strong though. I even have it charged using a portable solar panel + battery pack.



this is a project that works off of the pirate's framework. this team made an implantable version out of a raspberry pi zero. Currently?, 9 people in the world have got these implanted in their legs.


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I built out these little raspi pirateboxes for protests. they allow people to turn off all their data services while still being able to communicate to those in local proximity on the ground. has a full image board and a chat service. it can be wiped with a single command from the admin and is encrypted anyway if it were to get into the wrongs hands. This one cost less than 30 to build. With an extra wifi dongle you could build a mesh net that could span a whole city.


Sick. I've always thought the Piratebox was neat, but could never figure out a good use-case for it other than as a novelty. One thing I considered was mounting weatherproof solar-powered mini-servers in public spaces and using them to distribute digital materials and PDFs and shit, but again, a lot of effort and resources for something that probably wouldn't even get used.

THIS is fucking cool, I'd like to see more details!


Yeah, the Framework for the irabu Box includes local storage. You can easily scale it up with an SD card. I have one running right now with 516GB. In my city we were able to use one as a local network for an Occupied zone. The main use was distributing educational materials, Updates about police activity, Pictures of chuds who had been threatening camp.

As physical space is liberated it's important to have a free virtual layer on top.



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>Pocket C.H.I.P.
>cheapest piratebox



UwU, wat dis?


Any details on this? I would love a cheaper piratebox for sure



we must know what this is, anon


Not the anon you're replying to, but if you Google "zsun" you'll get some results about the "Zsun Wi-fi Memory Card Reader", and if you Google "zsun piratebox" you'll get a guide to putting it all together.


It's essentially a wireless router with Micro-SD card storage, about as large as a typical USB drive. But It looks like it's no longer in production.

The good news is that you can probably make a Piratebox for under $20-$30 through a variety of other hardware, since it should run on pretty much anything that can support OpenWRT.


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