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Where do y'all buy your components?

And do you buy them in bulk? I'm looking for places where I can get cheap single-board PCs, routers, etc.

Being in south east asia, is alibaba a good place to get them?



>Where do y'all buy your components?

Imma big fan of aliexpress, most /comp/ related shit can be bought there pretty cheap.

>cheap single-board PCs

Orange Pis for raspi stuff and arduino knockoffs for embedded shit is what I would get.


Seconded for AliExpress and OrangePi, though it seems like certain OrangePi models are really hard to find or no longer in production.

For routers, it depends on what you need exactly. Getting old refurbished Wireless-N routers on eBay or Newegg or Amazon might be the cheapest option.

I recently tried to DIY a cheap router solution based on an SBC running OpenWRT, but once you tally up the additional costs like an SD card and USB wi-fi adapter, it comes out to about the same cost as buying some cheap/used off-the-shelf device. YMMV.



I'll be on the lookout for them knockoff SBC's.


Maybe I wrote the wrong thing, I'm mainly looking for cheap ways to give an SBC some wireless connectivity for meshnet-type stuff


In that case, I'd recommend you get cheap USB wi-fi adapters and replace the antennas with something designed for outdoor use and longer distances.

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