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any sailors out there? i'm learning to sail and fix up a boat with a small crew


hi, what you want to know?


heya, nothing super specific yet, just seeing if there are other ppl out there who practice sailing as a form of degrowth-oriented transport, living, or recreation. there are lots of old, cheap boats out there & i'm finding it surprisingly accessible. our crew's dream is to build up our skills to the point where we can easily pick up abandoned boats and fix them up to the point where we have our own small fleet. v interested in finding other radical sailing communities out there – is the sailing anarchy forum worth checking out?

the projects that are making me sweat the most for the winter though are fixing the prop stuffing box and reglassing the cabin floors. i'm really hoping we can still find a way to DIY it…



I've never been sailing, but I gotta say, that sounds like a dream, anon. When I was tending bar, the customer who had the coolest-sounding job was the guy who would fly up to Nantucket and sail rich peoples' boats down to Florida, where he would then drive their RVs back up to Nantucket. I would love to be an anarchist pirate.


if anyone is looking for daydream fodder, i highly recommend "sailing the farm" by kenneth neumeyer. it's all about living on a sailboat autonomously and self-sustaining, including making your own equipment and growing food. it's got some occasional cringey gen-x style "fuck the rat race" asides but is full of good info

file is too large to attach so i'm linking instead: https://avoid.rocks/static/files/sailfarm.pdf


I'll help you only if I'm invited on board.



Lemme guess…it's got floater-compressor powered by two bikes that some of your slaves will pedal while you impress them with your beautiful "DIY" art on pleroma?

Fuck off forever, yuppie dick.


Why are you being so hostile for absolutely no reason? What is the point? People are trying to share cool ideas with each other, why do you have to tear them down while providing nothing of substance back? Fuck You.


>>43 merry christmas anon

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