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Are folks printing 5.56 lowers yet or is it still just the .22s? What's the best file for those as it stands?


fukkkkk of course there's an ifunny watermark feel free to cyberbully


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I thought the ifunny watermark is part of the meme until you said something, kek.

Ivan cracked ARs a while ago:

Something else that may pique your interest is the FGC-9 whose files where recently released.
Its a mostly 3d printed pistol carbine with an AR control group. Its very orangepilled and very cheap.



This is the best one currently. Mandatory to know a little CAD tho so you can replace the americucked inscription with some other edgy shit of your choice



Okay, nice funs with your plastic toy guns made with 3D printers that I'M SURE EVERYONE CAN AFFORD.

But whatabout ammo? Newsflash, idiot, you can't print that.

In most countries I know with gun control, ammo is equally controlled. Governmentz usually aren't dumb when it comes to that stuff, And crafting ammo is more complicated than crafting a gun from the hardware store…


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Disavow a lifetime’s worth of cynicism and resentment, dawg. People are cracking this shit open and every day it gets easier and more intuitive and cheaper to do. You can pick up a 3d printer now for ~$200 or the next time we're in a moment of rupture you can grab one. Do you think you're literally the first person to think about ammo? No, plenty of other people saw the need and thought about what to do about it instead of calling strangers on the internet idiots for thinking better things are possible. This shit gets better literally every day.



Powder-actuated nail guns use what are essentially blank rounds of ammunition to drive fasteners into concrete. The cartridges are readily available on the shelves of most hardware stores.


Was going to post this, glad someone else did. Tons of people are experimenting with ways to make ammunition. Naysayers need to fuck off and use some of the energy they are wasting whining on the internet to actually build shit and solve hard problems. Armchair inhabit whiners can fuck right off, only builders/experimenters allowed here.


I'm acquainted w/ a 5.56 (wylde) AR-15 built on a PLA+ U-bolt Vanguard. 400 rounds of mixed 5.56 and .223 and it's still going strong.

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